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I’m baaaaaaaack!

Well kids, last season I took an extended hiatus shortly before the All Star break. In that time, I’d like to say I was busy accomplishing goals or winning awards or making something of myself. But if I said any of that, I would be lying. In that time, I did very little worth mentioning. So we’ll breeze right past that and use this glorious Opening Day 2011 to re-start the ol’ Girl’s View.

What do you say? Good day to bring back the old format (as fun as the six words thing was, it got kinda hard after awhile) and wax poetic about my favorite sport, favorite team and favorite attractive men.

The Brewers took to Cincinnati to start the season, and start it they did. Sadly, I was taking the place of my boss today at work and was stuck in meetings with no iPhone access to check scores. Thus, I missed the Rickie Weeks/Carlos Gomez one-two punch to kick off the top of the first. By the time I was released of my duties, the Crew was up 5-2, Yovani Gallardo was still pitching and the game was looking pretty good. The car ride home netted a Casey McGehee RBI but also a Joey Votto dinger that brought the Reds within 3. A couple more innings and enter closer John Axford. Ummm, the first game of the season isn’t supposed to give me heart palpitations. And there it goes. That quickly. A sac fly and a 1-out, 3-run Ramon Hernandez homer. Boo. Over it. It’s too early to get worked up.

So aaaaaaaanyway, the Brewers’ home opener is Monday and I am like a kid on Christmas eve. If Christmas eve lasted 4 nights. Of course, you all remember the cupcakes. This year I’m adding cookies. I also managed to find Brewers crazy straws. I made a way cute new sweatshirt (yes, I’m still doing that, too). Unfortunately, I can’t anticipate sunburn this year so my Uggs will probably get another day of use before they get stored for the season.

The usual suspects will be in attendance but our party has grown considerably from years past. Which is a good thing. We’re a hoot, so who wouldn’t want to party with us? We’ve got an Opening Day virgin joining us this year, too.

To make it even better? I’m on vacation allllllll week! Home opener, maybe a random game during the week and then the infamous Leff’s Lucky Town Leadoff Tailgate to wrap up the good times. (That’s me and the rest of the triplets. Yes, we’re the faces of the party. See? A hoot!)

And, since it wouldn’t be A Girl’s View without a little hottie mention, can I just say how incredibly YUM 2011 Ryan Braun is looking??? Got a little extra muscle, got a little scruff, letting the hair grow–I likey.



And in other hottie news, I got to meet George Kottaras at the Brewers On Deck back in January. Laugh it up, I don’t care. I love him. And even though he’s currently beardless, I still like his beard. It’s not the greatest picture but I could care less.

So there you have it. Baseball is back, my boys are back, I’m back.

I’m pretty excited.



Go Brewers!





6 words for July 6

Get Off My Mound? Braden: “No.”


Two post-snub homers? I’m voting Votto.


Official: Yo to DL, Davis activated.


Hart going with Prince’s winning pitcher.


New beard in town: Joe Inglett.


Johan’s first homer. Take that, Reds!


Escobar’s glove is hurting. Night off.


Good god, Pablo Sandoval is large!


Wolf through 4. No score, 6Ks.


George still can’t catch runners. Ugh.


Counsell’s error leads to 2 runs.


Sixth inning unraveling. 5-0 Giants. Boo.


Late throws make George look worse.


Johnny Damon notches 2500th hit. Congrats!


(Briefly leaves Crew for The Hills.)


Zohmy. Fan falls at Rangers game.


Wolf: 3 up, 3 down seventh.


Zimmerman’s 2 HRs help Nats, me.


Mariano Rivera out, gives NL chance?


Favorite MLB beard goes 0-fer. Again.


New beard gets only RBI. Fiiiiiiinally!


Corey stops at 20. Bad break.


Youkilis exits. Bo-Sox need more milk.


Damon walks off. Tigers in 11.


A-Rod’s slam puts him within 4.


MLB’s night not over. Mine is.



6 words for the Holiday Weekend

One hour without internet. Missed much!


Counting Crows, great. Dave Matthews, greater!


Parra gives up 5, still wins.


Brewers batter Cards for series split.


Gallardo strains oblique, maybe avoids DL.


Corey Hart is only Brewers constant.


Weeks ejected for first time ever.


Escobar’s many errors prove costly. Ouch.


(This girl distracted by Always Sunny…)


ASG rosters announced: Stars and Snubs.


Mauer leads with over 5 million.


Votto with early lead in Finals.


Braun, Hart represent Crew, Gallardo out.


Hart to pound out in Derby.


Lilly gives up 4 long balls.


Baby bears routed by Reds, Stubbs.


15 innings, 5+ hours, Rockies prevail.


Torii racks ’em up over Royals.


Kershaw forgets direction of basepaths. Whoops!


Carl Pavano + Brendan Ryan = Creepy Mustaches.


Bush pulled, relievers falter, Crew loses.


Brewers’ only run was walked in.


Hart still manages hit. Streak: 20.


Crew, Giants lefties only for series.


Geoff Jenkins retiring as Brewer Friday.


Need Miller Park trip before ASG.


Come on Brewers, step it up!



Willie Nelson knows what the Brewers need

It may be a short trip, but thank god they’re on the road again.

It’s been 16 years since the Brewers lost 9 in a row at home. They may only be at 8 losses right now, but that’s not to say they won’t lose again when Houston comes to town next week. The Astros may be the only team in the NL Central with a worse record than the Crew, but the way those boys play at home, anything’s possible.

The Brewers were at Miller Park for a short 6 games, but were outscored by the Braves and Phillies 51-20. Add being swept twice in a row to their already dismal home record, and Milwaukee sits at just 4-14 — ouch.

The Crew now faces the first place Cincinnati Reds for 2 games, then head to PNC Park for 2 against the Pirates before their first bout of interleague play in Minnesota.

The Reds have been on fire and their starting rotation has dominated, going 7-1 in their last 8. Meanwhile, Milwaukee’s first trip to Pittsburgh was an all-out annihilation, outscoring the Bucs 36-1, so here’s hoping they can come alive again. 

Adding to the Brewers woes is a new member of the DL in Doug Davis, who was admitted to the hospital Saturday with a minor chest condition. His health issues pushed up the rotation, prompting a trip to the mound a day early (but still on 5 days rest) for Dave Bush. Now, I’d like to think of this as a blessing in disguise, given the poor performances Davis has shown us thus far. I mean, one less bad pitcher in the rotation is a good thing, right?

Looking at the probables for the next 3 games, the Brewers seemingly have the advantage. Despite the Reds’ recent efforts to push the Cardinals out of the top spot, the numbers their starters have posted aren’t much to brag about and hopefully, Milwaukee will be able to take advantage.



Yovani Gallardo (4-1, 3.06 ERA) v. Johnny Cueto (2-1, 4.07 ERA)



Manny Parra (0-2, 3.98 ERA) v. Homer Bailey (1-2, 5.66 ERA)


Wednesday (@ Pitts):

Randy Wolf (3-3, 4.66 ERA) v. Brian Burres (2-1, 5.00 ERA)


Thursday’s starter is TBD for the Brewers, but the Pirates are looking to send Paul Maholm (3-3, 4.40 ERA) to the mound.


Seeing as the road has been kind to my boys so far, I’m hoping it will be kind to me and my ladies, too. Our roadie is finally upon us and if we can’t see wins at home, hopefully (pretty please?) we can see one in Minneapolis.

I know, I know. The Brewers are notoriously bad facing the Twins, but I’m thinking that playing outdoors on actual grass will be advantageous. And, if not, we’re only going to Friday night’s game, so we’re fully prepared to just go out and drink the rest of the weekend. We’re open to suggestions on cute, trendy places to go out (and maybe run into some players? Maybe?), so if any of you Minnesota folks know anywhere good, let me know.

And this girl also has next week off, so I may just venture to Miller Park and torture myse–ahem–prove what a loyal fan I am.

So this will probably be it until the Triplets return from Minneapolis. I’ve gotta plan cute outfits for the near 80 degree weather we’re expecting and bribe the FSN cameramen to put us on TV just like they did in St. Louie.




I somehow feel the Packers attire would be more appropriate in Minnesota…



Go Brewers!



28 days…

Today nearly brought a tear to my eye, as I walked in the front door after work and heard the sounds of Brewers baseball coming from the other room. Yes, folks, today was a televised game all the way from Maryvale Baseball Park in Arizona. And even though I didn’t sit down until the 5th inning, it made me downright giddy with excitement knowing that Opening Day will be here exactly 28 days from today.

What makes me so excited is the uncertainty at this point of who will and won’t make the 25-man roster. The 4-ish innings I watched today were a good indication of what kind of talent the Brewers staff is working with and I definitely liked what I saw. Hello? Jim Edmunds! There’s a guy that’s got something to prove and prove it he has. (Catch or not, that was an amazing play for a guy his age, not to mention for a guy that didn’t play in the Majors at all last season.) And, as was indicated by Mol’s retweet from Journal-Sentinal writer Tom Haudricourt, the starting pitchers have yet to allow a run. Granted, it’s been less than a week of Spring Training play, but for a team that came in dead last in ERA last season, that’s def something to brag about. Even Manny Parra got in on that today, going 3 scoreless innings, with 1 strikeout.

So, since it’s too early to really make any discernible predictions about who may or may not be paraded out at Miller Park come April 5th, I’ll continue on to my Week 4 apparel pictures. (Because I know you all can’t wait to see things you’ve already seen before.)

Still one of my favorites.


And, not that I ever wear them together, the matching shorts.

I am currently working on a new shirt for my 5-year-old niece. She picked it out and decided what she wanted. It will look eerily similar to another top I’ve made, but only because I had to give her limited options. She’s 5. Who knows what she would’ve come up with otherwise.


The Brewers will take on a whole slew of teams before next Monday, including the Cubs, Reds, Padres and Giants. Should anything noteworthy happen before then, I’ll try my best to make some sort of comment. But until then, Go Brewers!




Musings from the wonderful world of baseball


This entry is, like, weeks in the making. My computer and I have a very volatile relationship and lately, it’s been getting worse. So since we’ve been on bad terms and posting from my phone is not an option, I’ve been forced to actually write. Like, with pen and paper. So, anyway, there’s just a couple of things I’d like to touch on in the goings on of baseball lately. 
Brad Nelson

Watch out, Mariners. You may think you’ve got a good player on your hands. You may think his minor league stats from last year warrant a Spring Training invite. I mean, I’ve been fooled by this guy, too. I was happy, even close to excited, to see his name on the Brewers roster come Opening Day last year. It faded into extreme shame and disappointment soon thereafter. He was awful. He did nothing. He fell way short of expectations. But, really, why do I care? He’s your problem now. Good luck.
Ned Yost

Yost was hired as a special advisor to baseball relations for the Royals. His duties will, of course, include making sure the people of Kansas City know that “everything’s fine.” I mean, he can’t hurt anything. Because you can’t get any worse than last place.
Ben Sheets

The Cubs are looking at possibly bringing Sheets to Chicago. I’ve already heard some people likening this to Brett Favre and the Vikings. I mean, whoa. Really? Seriously? Brett Favre is a legend. Ben Sheets is a crybaby. Seeing Favre in purple and gold is horrendous (and I hope the Cowboys take him down this weekend) but seeing Sheets in red and blue? B effing D. He’ll be good to go right off the bat, then will whine about a paper cut and push back a start or two. Then the paper cut will get infected and he’ll need an extra 3 days rest. Not to worry, Cubs fans, he’ll have a complete game shutout but not before falling victim to what he thinks is H1N1, but in actuality, it’s just a runny nose. But he’ll still miss 2 weeks. Now, he won’t actually be on the DL, but this cycle will continue for both contractual seasons that he’s looking to tap you for. So, have fun with that, Lou!
Jason Bay


Aroldis Chapman

As expected, the Red Sox outbid the Reds for Cuban hotshot pitcher, Chapman. They offered an astounding $30.25 million to beat out the Reds puny offer of $15.5 million. Oh, wait… Sorry. Temporary dyslexia. Reverse everything I just said. Yes. That’s right. The Reds made that deal. Yes, of Cincinnati. Those Reds.
Mark McGwire

Honestly, was anyone shocked by McGwire’s admission? Anyone? No? Yeah, me neither. Looks like it’s just another asterisk in the record books. Hey, Mark, when you called Roger Maris’ family to apologize what exactly did you say? Did you feed them all the same BS you fed all of us? I hope you have more respect than that. Seriously, no matter the reason, no matter what he did for the game (because you have to remember that he and Sammy Sosa saved baseball. With horse steroids and corked bats, let’s not forget.), his reputation is forever tarnished. Put him right up there with Canseco, Bonds and Clemens. Using steroids to help your game is like me using a Wonderbra to help mine– it puts on a good show, but in the end, it’s just a big disappointment. 

Well, it wasn’t for a lack of trying…

So last night, I’ll admit: I wasn’t 100% focused on the game. I was making a new shirt (pics are forthcoming), flipping to other shows–the game was uninteresting. So, top of the 9th and I turned the tv off, grabbed my iPhone and started taking notes for today’s post. When about 15 minutes or so go by and there was no text telling me that the Brewers lost (which, honestly, I was expecting), I quickly jumped from the note to the internet and checked the score. Well, I ended up emailing myself the note, which turned into more of a short story. I reread it this morning, laughed at the run-on sentences and poor grammer, and decided it makes a much more interesting post than me editing it and whatnot.

So here it is in all it’s unedited, probably misspelled, very grammatically incorrect glory. (I literally phoned this one in.)

Capitalize on the errors. Reds outhit outpitched. Staggering numbers LOB. Suppan came back after a month and was ol reliable suppan. Ahem. Just suppan. Limited pitch count but walked 5, 1 intentional. Doesn’t help the cause. Arroyo has been lights out in second half. Only time he’s faltered against crew was back in early may gave up 9 in less than 2 innings. Solo shot from lopez single brewers run until bottom of 9. Coming back for 5 runs in bottom of frame? Not exactly the brewers forte. Currently watching after having switched to office reruns. And it’s 2 on 1 out top of the order. Red hot lopez could do something big. Hehe! Oops! Another error. Load em up! Clutch counsell is the tying run and then it’s Braun and fielder. Let’s go brewers! Rhodes could be the undoing of the reds once 5-run lead. I know I’m hoping for that. And to think I turned this game off. It seemed weird that it was the top of the 9th when I turned it off and still hadn’t gotten a brewers lost text like 15 minutes later. Walked baby! See what I wouldve missed?? Grand slam– I’m calling it. RB’s done it before against the reds, I say he can do it again. I’ve been seeing a lot of walk-offs lately just none from my crew. Dumb commercials. Game please! Ok I’d love a slam but it’s coco. And I hate it when ryan swings for the fences. But man alive! How exciting. Sweeeeet! I will take it! Now princey can win it. 2 runs in, 6-5. Bases loaded again yet not good enough for fielder. Settle down man. Caseys got this. 2-0 to start it out. And mcgehee looooves to hit strikes. Way to force coco to throw you one. All I know is I don’t want to stay up for extras. Come on casey!! In the dirt. Full count. Who the eff is this corky miller? He is not matching up with the pitchers. Yesssssssss!!! Cordero blew it! I’m thinking all my nay-saying friends facebook statuses are null and void now. Even if the brewers don’t walk away with a win tonight at least they came back. Mikey Cameron? Sure. He could do it. Orrrrrr ryan can get thrown out at home. Blast! Extras. Hoffman will hopefully keep it even at 6 and Frankie C will kickstart another rally in the 10th. And who’s decision is it for Ryan to even run? The reds hve surprisingly good arms out there. Ah well. Hold up. Lopez out? Eh. I’d maybe leave him in the way he’s been hitting tonight. Escobars in though. Could help. Nice play Casey. Not so much that time. 1 out 1 on. Joey votto at the plate. Double play? Hoff can get that done I think. Or a fly out. Whatever. Just don’t let Janish score. Listening to bill and Brian. Lopez is out limping. Prob the hamstring. May need to call on a pitcher to hit in his place as there was no double switch. Ok. Back to the inning at hand. Cams there for the catch. Frankie kendall and escobar up for the crew. I think this win is on the way. It would be a big boost for the brewers to have just come off a winning 4-game series (even if it was vs. the nationals) and to start this homestand with a bang. I def want to see them finish the month with a winning record and back at or above .500. As I’m sure the rest of the fans do. 1 down. And another. How awesome would it be for escobar to walk it off? At this point, swing away alcides. Oooor avoid the ball being flung at your head. Todd coffey and tackleberry are up in the pen. And the brewers are out of bench players. The time is now. Or stupid pit bull-looking laynce nix dives and ends the inning. Poop. Ok really having a hard time staying awake. I need the brewers to win like asap. Ah coffey time. And the reds don’t have too many pitching options left so here’s hoping Todd can keep Cincinnati from scoring. So far so good. Gallardo will lead off the bottom of the frame and it’s guaranteed that at least brauny will hit. Woot woot. Sorry laynce. Can’t be awesome all the time. Too bad miller park emptied out so early. If the crew pulls this off it wouldve been a damn good game to be at. Well, after sitting thru all the non-scoring for 8 innings. Gah. Just be done batting already mcdonald. Seriously stop fouling them off and just make the out. I want to go to bed. Dammit. It’s been 45 minutes since I turned the game back on. I was soooo ready for sleep. Just get me to the bottom of the 11th. If Ryan couldn’t do it. And prince couldn’t do it. And Casey and mike couldn’t do it, can yovani get it done? Maybe. I’d love a yo walk-off HR. How much *** would that kick? Love that I started taking notes by saying the crew needs to capitalize on errors. Haha. Totally did. Coffey? Coffey??? Um ok. I guess just swing? Leading off what’s the worst that could happen? Awe love that the entire dugout is laughing at his swings. Well it was an entertaining at-bat at least. Clutch counsell again? Um no bunt. You’re 39. Prob won’t beat it out. Damn. RB. It’s up to you. Do it for me bc you know how early I have to be at work tomorrow. Gah!!! Ok this is to be continued for me. Coffey will be back out to face whatever part of the order the reds have up. Fielder will lead off the bottom of the 12th and hopefully the win will belong to Milwaukee. And i’m gonna turn the phone off so as to be surprised by the outcome when I wake up in the morning. 
Ok, so now you can see how much I have to go through to turn my babble into a readable post. And, when I woke up this morning, the text did not have anything positive to say. As it turned out, Coffey came out for a third, yes third, inning of work and proceeded to give up 2 solo shots and the Brewers couldn’t come up with any offense in the bottom of the 12th. But honestly, it was pretty exciting to watch that 9th inning. There were a couple of times that the Crew could’ve walked away with the win without having to go into extras, but whatev. The game is done and nothing will change.
So, at nearly game time tonight, the Brewer sit 11 games out of first, tied once again with the Houston Astros. It’s the worst situation they’ve been in so far this season and I will be a glass half-full kinda girl and say things can only get better from here on out. Okay, for selfish reasons, I have tickets to 9 more games and I really would like the Brewers to be contending for something, even if it ends up only being 2nd place. Or, you know, just taking the Cardinals out. Hey, I can dream can’t I?
It’s Braden Looper (11-6, 4.95 ERA) against Kip Wells (0-3, 5.91 ERA). I have no idea who Kip Wells is so I don’t want to necesarily say this one is in the bag, but it’s the Reds. The Brewers should really be able to win this one tonight.
Go Brewers!

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