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“I knew we weren’t taking Tic Tacs.”

Damn straight, Rodriguez.

I was trying so so so hard to not make any sort of comment on this whole A-Rod situation. So hard. Thankfully, I was working today so I didn’t catch any of the press conference (although that’s not to say it won’t be all over ESPN or CNN for the next few days. Those are the only channels the TVs at work get.), but I got the gist of it from mlb.com.

Here’s my feelings on it, and I’ll try to be brief, but somehow I see myself getting carried away. Rodriguez was 25 when his “cousin” began injecting him with, gee, I don’t know. He didn’t know. (Which I almost believe.) Regardless, this “cousin” (I use quotations because I really don’t believe that.) injected him twice a month, for 6 months each year, from 2001-2003. That’s 36 injections. I find it even harder to believe he didn’t think they were PEDs. HA! Okay, I’m 25. There’s no way in effing hell I would ever let any one of my 30-some-odd cousins inject me with ANYTHING for 3 years, especially if, 8 years after the first injection, I’m still claiming I’m not sure what it was. Don’t blame it on being young and naive and impressionable, Alex. You started playing baseball right after high school, correct? Maybe then I would believe your excuses. But at 25? That’s just stupid. You deserve the asterisk, my friend.

My favorite response by another player regarding this whole thing?

“I’m working with what I’ve got, and I’m going as far as that takes me.” Amen to that, favorite high-socks wearing pitcher, Dave Bush. Amen to that.

Now for the comments regarding the Brewers. Because, afterall, I’d much rather talk about them than anything related to the Yankees.

Shockingly, Eric Gagne has joined the team in Arizona after signing a minor league contract. Whaaaa? It’s ok, though. Sort of. Gag-me has to win a spot on the 40-man roster or else elect free agency before the Brewers season-opener on April 7th. I’m no fan of this guy. He certainly didn’t earn his keep last season. But, at least he has openly admitted to it and and acknowledged his poor ’08 performance. It’s unlikely that he’ll play in the minors, but I’d rather see him back as a free agent by the start of ’09 than back in a Brewers uniform.

New manager Ken Macha has said Yovani Gallardo, whom many hope will fill a large void left by Sabathia and Sheets, is not likely to start for the Brewers on Opening Day. I’m pretty much in agreement with this one. I think it’s a big game with a lot of pressure, even if it is on the road, and it’s probably best to give it to someone with more Big League experience. Gallardo should fit comfortable in the middle of the rotation and, if he repeats what he was able to do in 2007, he’ll definitely be called upon for the big games further down the line.

The Brewers have avoided any arbitration hearings again this year by coming to an agreement with right-fielder Corey Hart. The sides met in the middle, settling on a one-year $3.25 million contract. Seriously? I respect that Hart wanted the most bang for his buck and held out for it. And granted, he was a 20-20 player the past 2 seasons, garnering an All-Star appearance last year. Gah, I’m just not a huge fan of his. He completely fell off mid-season in ’08, definitely lost his speed from the couple years prior to that, and after Ned Yost was fired, it seems like Corey lost a lot of desire to play the game. (I’m sure he wasn’t a huge Yost backer like I’ve always suspected, but it was a pretty big coincidence otherwise.) I hope that playing for a new manager and new coaches will have a positive effect on Hart this season. I mean, with no Gabe Kapler to amaze (and stare at) in right field anymore, who else would be out there?

And last, but not least, to all of you broadcast boycotters out there, please get over Cory Provus. I understand he’s a Cubs fan. I understand he’ll be working alongside Milwaukee legend Bob Uecker this season. I understand how you don’t think that should be allowed. But guess what? I’m guessing very few of you can do his job. Just because you like baseball doesn’t mean you can be broadcasters. I certainly don’t think I could be a journalist because I write this blog. Seriously, until the day he is blantently rooting for the Cubs on Milwaukee radio, stop complaining.

Gah! sorry that was a long one. But only 52 days till Brewers Home Opener! I’ve decided to post pictures from past seasons just to get everyone as pumped as I am!



Me, Mol and Mark Attanasio after the Opening Day win last year. Awesome.


Quick, McClung! To the bullpen!

So we all thought that the Brewers added Trevor Hoffman and that the stage was set. Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on Friday and supposedly everyone that was going was already on the roster. So we all thought…

According to GM Doug Melvin, Milwaukee is very close to a deal with righty free agent Braden Looper. So much for staying put and saving payroll, huh? A one-year deal could be reached by the end of the week and Looper could be finding himself at Maryvale Baseball Park along with the rest of the pitching staff. If that’s the case, Seth McClung could find himself out in the bullpen. The addition of Looper would round out the 5-man rotation with Yovani Gallardo, Jeff Suppan, Dave Bush and Manny Parra. I’m automatically assuming, of course, that McClung would be the odd man out because of his consideration for closer early on in the off-season. And, of couse, because the bullpen is where I’ve always thought Seth McClung belonged.

If Braden Looper does indeed end his week in a Brewers uniform, I hope that McClung ends his with a solid role in the bullpen. He did a stellar job towards the end of the 2008 season in both long relief and as a closer. I think he could perhaps find a nice little niche as the Brewers much needed set-up man. I’ve said it so many times before that McClung fits better in the bullpen and now, if the Looper deal pans out, Milwaukee’s pitching staff seems like it could make a viable case for the 2009 Post Season.

On a bit of a side-note, Opening Day in Milwaukee is a mere 58 days away! For me, it’s just the start of a weekend-long celebration of the return of baseball after a far too long hiatus. It means lots of Miller Lite and flip cup, lots of friends and family, hot dogs and cupcakes and cute new shirts. It means bartending one of the best tailgate parties that parking lot will see all season (those are my parents serving the beer). It means 3 days of Brewers v. Cubs debauchery and a day off the following Monday to recover from it all. I can handle 58 days. I think!