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6 words for the Holiday Weekend

One hour without internet. Missed much!


Counting Crows, great. Dave Matthews, greater!


Parra gives up 5, still wins.


Brewers batter Cards for series split.


Gallardo strains oblique, maybe avoids DL.


Corey Hart is only Brewers constant.


Weeks ejected for first time ever.


Escobar’s many errors prove costly. Ouch.


(This girl distracted by Always Sunny…)


ASG rosters announced: Stars and Snubs.


Mauer leads with over 5 million.


Votto with early lead in Finals.


Braun, Hart represent Crew, Gallardo out.


Hart to pound out in Derby.


Lilly gives up 4 long balls.


Baby bears routed by Reds, Stubbs.


15 innings, 5+ hours, Rockies prevail.


Torii racks ’em up over Royals.


Kershaw forgets direction of basepaths. Whoops!


Carl Pavano + Brendan Ryan = Creepy Mustaches.


Bush pulled, relievers falter, Crew loses.


Brewers’ only run was walked in.


Hart still manages hit. Streak: 20.


Crew, Giants lefties only for series.


Geoff Jenkins retiring as Brewer Friday.


Need Miller Park trip before ASG.


Come on Brewers, step it up!



Willie Nelson knows what the Brewers need

It may be a short trip, but thank god they’re on the road again.

It’s been 16 years since the Brewers lost 9 in a row at home. They may only be at 8 losses right now, but that’s not to say they won’t lose again when Houston comes to town next week. The Astros may be the only team in the NL Central with a worse record than the Crew, but the way those boys play at home, anything’s possible.

The Brewers were at Miller Park for a short 6 games, but were outscored by the Braves and Phillies 51-20. Add being swept twice in a row to their already dismal home record, and Milwaukee sits at just 4-14 — ouch.

The Crew now faces the first place Cincinnati Reds for 2 games, then head to PNC Park for 2 against the Pirates before their first bout of interleague play in Minnesota.

The Reds have been on fire and their starting rotation has dominated, going 7-1 in their last 8. Meanwhile, Milwaukee’s first trip to Pittsburgh was an all-out annihilation, outscoring the Bucs 36-1, so here’s hoping they can come alive again. 

Adding to the Brewers woes is a new member of the DL in Doug Davis, who was admitted to the hospital Saturday with a minor chest condition. His health issues pushed up the rotation, prompting a trip to the mound a day early (but still on 5 days rest) for Dave Bush. Now, I’d like to think of this as a blessing in disguise, given the poor performances Davis has shown us thus far. I mean, one less bad pitcher in the rotation is a good thing, right?

Looking at the probables for the next 3 games, the Brewers seemingly have the advantage. Despite the Reds’ recent efforts to push the Cardinals out of the top spot, the numbers their starters have posted aren’t much to brag about and hopefully, Milwaukee will be able to take advantage.



Yovani Gallardo (4-1, 3.06 ERA) v. Johnny Cueto (2-1, 4.07 ERA)



Manny Parra (0-2, 3.98 ERA) v. Homer Bailey (1-2, 5.66 ERA)


Wednesday (@ Pitts):

Randy Wolf (3-3, 4.66 ERA) v. Brian Burres (2-1, 5.00 ERA)


Thursday’s starter is TBD for the Brewers, but the Pirates are looking to send Paul Maholm (3-3, 4.40 ERA) to the mound.


Seeing as the road has been kind to my boys so far, I’m hoping it will be kind to me and my ladies, too. Our roadie is finally upon us and if we can’t see wins at home, hopefully (pretty please?) we can see one in Minneapolis.

I know, I know. The Brewers are notoriously bad facing the Twins, but I’m thinking that playing outdoors on actual grass will be advantageous. And, if not, we’re only going to Friday night’s game, so we’re fully prepared to just go out and drink the rest of the weekend. We’re open to suggestions on cute, trendy places to go out (and maybe run into some players? Maybe?), so if any of you Minnesota folks know anywhere good, let me know.

And this girl also has next week off, so I may just venture to Miller Park and torture myse–ahem–prove what a loyal fan I am.

So this will probably be it until the Triplets return from Minneapolis. I’ve gotta plan cute outfits for the near 80 degree weather we’re expecting and bribe the FSN cameramen to put us on TV just like they did in St. Louie.




I somehow feel the Packers attire would be more appropriate in Minnesota…



Go Brewers!



Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It’s still early.

After sweeping the Pirates with astronomical numbers, the Brewers were apparently too pooped out to swing the bats (or pitch even remotely well) against Chicago on their home turf.

We fans walk into Miller Park like we own the place (which, we kinda do. Thanks, stadium tax!) when the Cubs come to town. And more and more often, it seems, we leave what’s become known as Wrigley Field North with our tails between our legs. It’s embarassing. I, for one, will no longer stand for it.

Well, okay, it’s not exactly up to me. But Mark Attanasio, Doug Melvin and Ken Macha have finally converged and wisened up and made what could be a pivotal decision in getting this ball club, not only back above .500, but headed back to the top of the standings, which is where a 47-runs-in-4-games type of ball club deserves to be.

The much needed turn-around starts with a shake-up to the starting rotation and it seems MLB.com columnist Mike Bauman crawled inside my head while I was sleeping last night and wrote the exact article I would’ve written. Here are a couple of my favorite gems.

“There is no guarantee that Narveson will be the definitive answer in Milwaukee’s 5th starter spot. But he will have the virtue of not being Jeff Suppan.”


I mean, honestly. Go to Miller Park and ask any Brewers fan who would be a better starter the Suppan. The answer? Anyone other than Suppan. It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that the decision to send Ol’ Reliable to the bullpen was finally made. It was too late, but it was finally made.


“From a pitching rather than a personal perspective, the Suppan situation in Milwaukee has been a mistake for three plus seasons.”

Ummmm, yes! Why can everyone with eyes that follows Major League Baseball, Brewers fan or not, see that, yet it took so long for the people that sign the checks to understand??? Just because management made a mistake in 2007 doesn’t mean the rest of the team should just now be starting to clean up after it.


But the real question is, Is the Narv Dog the answer?

Well, he probably would’ve been 3 weeks ago. Instead, Suppan was on the DL, all but awaiting his turn in the rotation. Meanwhile, Narveson’s Spring momentum of 13 scoreless innings dwindled to a 7.20 ERA in 9 relief appearances so far in regular play.

I mean, I still cannot get over his start last September against the Cubs. The Narv Dog pitched 5 2/3 innings, struck out 10 and allowed only 4 hits, with 1 earned run. Pitching like that is why I adored him going into Spring Training and why I was pushing for him to be the Brewers #5, even over Manny Parra.

This decision is definitely what’s best for the team. Right now, anyway. One can argue that Narveson may not be the best option if Suppan’s destiny is an overpaid slot in the bullpen. However, Parra is scoreless in relief so far and the other viable option to start, Carlos Villanueva, has been pitching extremely well in mid-to-late inning relief. If the Narv Dog’s best days have happened starting the first inning on that mound, then by all means, yes. He’s the best choice.

And if the Brewers have to go through 5 more #5’s before finding a rotation that can get the job done, then let them do it.

Afterall, it’s still early.


Go Brewers!



Yay baseball!!!

Ah, the first game of Spring Training! The window to the regular season has been opened and as of right now, I’m liking the view.

The Brewers hosted the Oakland A’s at Maryvale Baseball Park for the first match-up of ST and, after 10 innings, ended with a 3-3 tie.

Oakland scored first with a Bobby Crosby HR off of Jeff Suppan in the 2nd inning but Corey Hart, my current least favorite Brewer, answered with a solo shot in the 4th. (Do you think it’s possible he knows I’m not a fan and is trying to get on my good side?) But then Travis Buck had his own HR, a 2-run shot off Jorge Julio, in the 5th to put Oakland back in the lead.

The Brewers were far from out of it though. Altogether, 20 position players/pinch hitters gathered 12 hits, with the big 2-run rally coming in the 8th, tying the game at 3, where the score would sit for the next 2 innings.

Here’s what I like about Spring Training: you still get to see (or hear, or in my case, read about) baseball, yet just about everyone gets a chance to play. It’s kind of like t-ball or neighborhood baseball leagues when I was little. You know, how it’s important for everyone to play so that they get a chance to practice and learn the basics and have fun. But at the same time, what these guys do for the next 40 days or so is pretty determinate of what they’ll be doing the 180 days to follow. Now, if only Corey Hart can keep it up…

And I noticed the Cubs beat the Dodgers today. God, that must have just felt like such sweet redemption after losing 3 in a row to LA in the postseason last year. Haha!

But now, on to today’s countdown pic. Even though there is nothing representative of the Brewers, trust that this was indeed taken at Miller Park. The temperatures here in Wisconsin reached nearly 50 today, so it got me thinking about flip flops and how much I miss wearing them. Nik, Mol and I pretty much inadvertently wore the same navy flip flops to every Brewers game we went to together so, naturally, it became tradition. (Much like the Ryan Braun cut-out pic, the cupcakes and the pinas.) And, every game, we took a picture of our feet. Here’s just one of those pics, with 44 days to go.


Clockwise from left: me, Nik and Mol



48 and 47 days left

Oops. Slight hangover = forgetting to post my countdown pic yesterday. So here are 2 pics of one of my fave memories from last season.

Although my friends and I have been featuresd on the scoreboard on various occasions, this was probably the most exciting. Mol and I went to see CC pitch his first game as a Brewer, had awesome seats and got there early enough to have our pic taken with Ryan Braun. (OK, a cardboard cut-out of Ryan Braun. Regardless, it was tradition during the entire season and had to be done.)

FINALLY, after nearly 3 months of trying, our picture made it! It was definitely the kisses and leg pops that got ours chosen over the super-cute little kids in front of us in line.


Mol, Ryan and me.


free shirt.jpg

Um, we still have the certificate in our posession and have yet to pick up our Ryan Braun tshirt. I hope they let us get one this season…


50 Days

Besides the baseball (obviously), my favorite thing about Miller Park are the awesome pina coladas. And Jonathan is a big fan of ours, so we always get extra rum. LOVE!


Me, Jonathan, Mol and Nik, Macy’s Outing 6/20/08