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My last minute decision pays off!!!

With the excitement that’s still running through me from the awesome game that ended nearly 2 hours ago, I have to tell you about the day that almost wasn’t.

I feel like it’s a long story, but bear with me. It has a very happy ending!

My dad and I purchased 2 seats in a 9-pack for the season and tonight’s game was to be our third. As we had 2 graduation parties to attend, he decided I could have the tickets for tonight. It was a 6:05 start time and he didn’t want to be rushed. Awesome. Of course, I’ll take the tickets.

Then, of course, no one is available to go with me. People are either working, or have plans or are already going. Typical. I had a week to try and unload the second ticket, but no takers. eriously, annoying.

So my dad decides he’ll take my mom, if that’s alright with me. I said sure, since I had just gone to Wednesday’s game. No big deal.

Well, all day I’m getting texts from Mol from her tailgate party asking if I found anyone to go with because I should meet them down there. So now I’m a little jealous I’m not going. And I’m sulking my way through the 2 grad parties and I really wished I could go.

My mom offers her ticket back to me, but my dad wasn’t having it. “Why don’t you just get a standing room only ticket?” she asks. I thought about it and just decided I didn’t want to deal with trying to meet up with people and wandering around until someone texted or called. Plus, at this point, it was a little over an hour before the first pitch.

So, we get home, mom and dad change and are ready to walk out the door and I changed my mind super-last minute and bought myself a ticket when we got down there. I bummed a seat in their section just in time to see Seth McClung throw his first pitch.

Then I was kindly asked to leave the seat. So I move to another and same thing. Three seats later, I just leave to wander and get some food, maybe something to drink and end up behind the right field bleachers with a margarita in my hand.

A nice guy comes and starts chatting me up, because, hello? Why wouldn’t he? And I find out he’s with a bachelor party, the groom had disappeared 4 innings prior, thus there was a seat open, would I like to join him? Why not? My friends, at this point, had not told me where their seats were, nor had offered to meet up with me anywhere.

Now, not that I’m the good luck charm or anything, but on Wednesday when I moved down into the right field bleachers, the Brewers took the lead and thus, won the game. Tonight when I sat down there, the Brewers tied it up 4-4 on a Prince Fielder 3-run homer followed by a first-pitch blast from Casey McGehee. Coincidence? (Probably.)

It’s still tied in the 7th, I finally hear from my friends and I leave the nice bachelor party-goers and head one section up. The panels were open in right field and it was the most amazing breeze I’ve ever felt. Todd Coffey’s pitching, he does an amazing job, and then the Brewers fail to score, prompting Trevor Hoffman to enter the game in the 9th, minus Hell’s Bells. Ugh.

This doesn’t look so troublesome on paper. Except Hoffman proceeds to give up 3 basehits in a row, loaded the bases and 2 Giants’ runs score. Oops. And the 3 batters coming up for Milwaukee aren’t really who you want at the plate in the bottom of the 9th to face Brian Wilson, one of the best closers this season — Mike Rivera, Bill Hall, pitcher’s spot.

Rivera was out and Craig Counsell batted in place Hall. Good move, Macha. Seriously. If anyone can start a 9th inning rally, it’s Counsell. Sure enough, he singled. Jason Kendall stepped in for Counsell as a pinch runner. Mat Gamel pinch hit for Hoffman and walked. Corey Hart’s single scored Kendall and JJ Hardy, who hadn’t done too much offensively all night, singled in Gamel. When Ryan Braun stepped to the plate, we knew it was gonna be a “go big or go home” kind of at bat. And Braun struck out. Eh. Not surprised. Then Prince Fielder saunters up, bat in hand, ready to make some magic happen.

The fans at Miller Park were doing all they could to summon something of greatness from that bat. And we got it. An RBI double to right field scored Hart for the win.

It was absolutely incredible that my little saga of a day ended the way it did! And I was so happy to have been with friends, instead of strange men at that bachelor party when it happened!

So now that the Giants have lost the series, I wonder if they’ll end up sending Tim Lincecum to the mound tomorrow. Their off day this week would mean it’s his day, but not his spot in the rotation. If the do, it would be an Opening Day re-match for Jeff Suppan. Otherwise, it’s Ryan Sadowski with the ball for San Fran. Either way, the Brewers already have the series win and are still holding on to that first place tie in the NL Central with the Cardinals.

However, after tomorrow, the Brewers face some major obstacles to get to the All-Star break with that lead in tact. I guess I should really start thinking one game at a time, since July hasn’t even started yet, and the way Milwaukee’s played these last 2 games, I shouldn’t be too worried. But they’ve got the Mets, Cubs, Cards and Dodgers over the next 2 and a half weeks. Not easy.

Anyway, I shall not dwell. Tomorrow is another day.

Go Brewers!



What do you know? Bill Hall can still win games!

I’m gonna go ahead and just skip right past the sweep in Minneapolis this weekend. I’m not gonna go into the starting pitching that fell apart or the offense that could barely produce. I won’t dwell on the terrible playing conditions at the even more terrible Metrodome. I won’t mention the astroturf or white roof–none of that matters now.

What matters is Yovani Gallardo struck out Albert Pujols (among others) and held the Cardinals scoreless for 8 innings yesterday. What matters is Trevor Hoffman came in in a non-save situation and got 3 outs on 7 pitches. Bill Hall does still win games! That’s what matters.

The Brewers are alone again in first place and are so far 4 for 4 in wins over St. Louis, who have now fallen a game behind. And Cincinnati has climbed above the Cubs (Ha! Fourth!) to sit comfortably at third. Well, until the Brewers knock them down a bit more after this coming weekend series.

And Ken Macha sure has had to make some interesting decisions regarding his roster as of late. I’m not sure what the future holds for Mat Gamel after his stint at DH against the Twins didn’t go so well over the weekend. Although, it’s not entirely his fault–there was very little offense to speak of. Outfielder Frank Catalanotto was called up yesterday and lefty RJ Swindle was sent back down to Triple A to make room. Casey McGehee has been doing a fair job filling in at both 2nd and 3rd as needed and there are currently 5 outfielders to play around with, as Tony Gwynn, Jr. was traded to the Padres to follow in his Hall Of Famer dad’s footsteps for veteran Jody Gerut.

As I leave for Las Vegas with the ladies early tomorrow morning, there won’t be any posts for awhile. We will make it a point to watch the Brewers vs. Reds on Friday afternoon while we’re placing some bets at the sports book at ESPN Zone, though. I’m sooooo excited!

And speaking of excitement, here’s a glimpse of what I did this weekend!

This was 2 weeks ago. Mol and I signing our lives away before skydiving! (We were postponed until this past Sunday.)

All ready to go! Sort of. I don’t think you’re ever 100% ready to throw yourself out of a plane!


Mol, Nik and I. Nik wasn’t part of our jump group, but she was just as crazy as we were!

Yep. That’s me way up there!


Nik and her husband, all ready!


Success! Eight went up, and eight came down…well, safely, anyway! Seriously, one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done and would sooooo do it again!


But back to baseball, tonight it’s Jeff Suppan (3-3, 4.71 ERA) on the mound against Adam Wainwright (4-2, 3.41 ERA). Unfortunately, I’ll probably sleep through most of the game, I we’ve got a super-early flight tomorrow.

Go Brewers!


(W) Eeeeeek! (s)

Rickie Weeks is out for the season. Damnit.

Just when I was starting to like the guy, he goes and tears a sheath surrounding a tendon in his left wrist. Huh? Regardless, Weeks has been insane so far in 2009 and and the Brewers lead-off spot will be hard to fill.

As far as replacing Weeks on the everyday roster, there are a couple of key infielders down in Triple-A Nashville that are contenders. Hernan Irabarren is the most likely to make the short trip to St. Louis to join the team for tonight’s game. And the recent addition of Mat Gamel in place of the already forgotten Brad Nelson allows a bit more play on the infield for manager Ken Macha, not to mention another left-handed bat.

This injury couldn’t have come at a worse time. The Brewers stand alone in first place after knocking the Cardinals down in the first 2 games of the series. Tonight’s make-up game from Friday puts former Card’s starter Braden Looper (3-2, 4.7 ERA) on the mound against Kyle Lohse (3-2, 4.25 ERA). Hopefully the Brewers will be riding high and breeze through the next few series on this roadtrip. And, hopefully the Cardinals and Cubs will stay at bay for a bit longer.

Oh, and stop being such whiners, St. Louis. The Brewers can untuck their shirts and celebrate their wins. Or maybe you’re just upset that they’ve won the last 8 of 9 games played at your stadium and are just trying to make them look bad. Well, prepare for 9 of 10 and have fun in 3rd place!

Go Brewers!

(Sorry, Rickie! We’ll miss you!)


When last I checked…

…the Brewers were losing to the White Sox. I have yet to see the final score of today’s game. What I did see was that my favorite high socks-wearing pitcher Dave Bush went scoreless for 4 innings and is being quite persistent in his push to break into the Top 10 Hotties. (What can I say? I love the beard!) I also saw that Jorge Julio allowed 3 runs, and the Brewers had yet to get a homerun on the board, while the Sox had 2. I believe that was the 8th inning.

I’m going to check the final score now…


That’s it, folks. My reaction.

Mat Gamel started the game off with the Brewers first RBI (charged to former Crew member Scott Linebrink) and, quite fittingly, the only other run was batted in by a fellow named Brewer. Brent Brewer, to be precise. Good old Rickie Weeks had some solid baserunning. Oh, wait no he didn’t.

Okay, I’m over the loss. Onto bigger and better things. Like the countdown to Opening Day at Miller Park! There are 30 days until the Home Opener. 30 days, 1 month, until I will basically live at Miller Park for 3 days straight and sleep off all the excitement the following Monday. 30 days until the official Flip Cup bracket, assorted meats cooked on a grill, my crazy-awesome retro logo cupcakes, the world famous Leff’s Tailgate Party (technically not Opening Day, but I’m still way excited for it!), the first Sausage Race of the season, ladder golf, cornhole and washers. 30 days until non-stop Brewers v. Cubs debauchery with 45,000 of my closest friends and most importantly, 30 days until I get to see my boys in action after a long, cold winter!

Today’s picture is bringing you back to Opening Day 2005. It was the first Leff’s Tailgate party for us girls. We were finally of legal drinking age, and who better to serve us than my lovely mother? The next year, we took on the task of being the servers and haven’t looked back since.

Love Monkeys Website by molly.anna.

Me, Mom, Nik and Mol. We’ve graduated from being the crazy drunks to serving the crazy drunks!

It wouldn’t be a Brewers game without a homerun

Mat Gamel came in as DH in the 9th in today’s game against the Braves. The Brewers were already up by 7 and I was pretty satisfied that the Crew would stay on top through the bottom of the inning.

Apparently, Gamel just wanted some insurance on that lead. He belted a 3-run homer off of Tomo Ohka, a Brewer himself just 3 years ago. Prior to Gamel’s at-bat, Milwaukee had toppled Atlanta 14-7 with zero HRs. It maked me happy to see my team can score runs with small ball, but I’ll take another 3 runs of extra insurance. I mean, not bad for a guy who’d been hiding injuries from his team.

Also, Prince Fielder was HBP twice today. I realize he’s a big guy, but it’s ST. And he’s not been his usual offensive self so far. I don’t think there’s a need for that. Thanks for listening, Atlanta pitchers.

And PS, was anyone else completely disappointed in last night’s Top 10 List on Letterman? I’d say if it weren’t for the way some of the guys said these, the whole thing was pretty dumb. And I was really looking forward to Ryan’s. His was the worst. Anyway, here’s the list and a link to the video, in case you missed it.

Top Ten Reasons To Watch The World Baseball Classic
 Top Ten   

“Due to the economic crisis, we all have to share the same pair of pants”
“Japan has one of them crazy robot shortstops”
“Because it’s an international event, our right fielder is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton”
“The winning team plays Neptune in the Galactic Baseball Classic”
“It’s fascinating seeing how players from other countries scratch themselves”
“You’ll be part of a cherished baseball tradition dating all the way back to 2006”
“Because of the metric system, the games will be 6.83 innings”
“Before each game, you get to sit through 30 different national anthems”
“Australia’s secret weapon: a fastball-throwin’ kangaroo”

“What else are you going to watch, hockey?”


(# 5 was my favorite.)

And, to remind me of better times with Ryan Braun, today’s countdown picture (35 days!) is of me. And Ryan. When we met. It was great. Just a casual run-in at an area Toyota dealership. You know, no big deal. Haha. Little Brett Favre met him too. He was pretty excited. LBF, not Ryan.

Me and Ryan. I know, it’s not high quality. Sorry. It wasn’t my camera.