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Six Words

I’m sure I’m pretty behind in discovering SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoirs, but regardless, I’m hooked. I find myself trying to put every thought that crosses my mind into only six words and one of those thoughts today was, “Blog boring. Baseball in six words.”

So, in an effort to spice up this little blog of mine, I’m gonna try to put game recaps, notable events, big plays, etcetera, etcetera, into just six words. No explanations necessary. (I hope!)



First inning woes matter no more.


Brewers take out Twins. Three. Times.


Twins first 3-game sweep. Ha. Ha.


Lucroy catches shut-out. Kottaras jobless? Maybe.


George Kottaras, I like your beard.


Philly monsoon delays inevitable Indians beatdown.


Strasburg loses. Is hype done yet???


Rollins’ first walk-off in 10 years.


Hart amazes. Leads NL RBIs, HRs.


RB in LG. Two restaurants = BUSY!


Marlins not terrible. Still fire Gonzalez.


Mad at Macha removing Manny. Still.


Withdrawals. Must. Go. To. Miller. Park.


Cubs tied in 11th. Please lose.


Brewers wall dismantled at work. Sad.


Good day for my fantasy team.


See? It’s super fun. I’m completely addicted to putting everything into six words. Well, okay, not everything. Obviously I wouldn’t have written all that. But either way, I’m having a great time with it and I think it’s a great way to simplify things. Maybe I’ll continue only writing six word recaps. It certainly makes blogging less of a chore. (Which it really isn’t, but I’ve been, um, thoughtless lately?) Just think of all the things I could get into this humble little blog if I didn’t have to write full paragraphs. Gah. Such a drag!



Keep up the momentum. Go Brewers!


(Cubs tied. 13th. Please still lose.)





# 2

Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies, 2B


What can I say about Chase Utley other than YUM!

Here’s a guy who’s got it all going on. He’s goooooorgeous. He’s a baseball player. He’s, um, well, I guess that’s all I need to make my knees buckle. And I suppose it helps that he’s an animal lover and has a World Series ring. (It does NOT help that his wife is so unbelievably pretty. Boo!)

I’m normally a channel flipper, in that I absolutely cannot watch commercials, but now that Chase is peddling that EAS drink, I find myself ogling. I’m getting help. It should be under control soon.

On top of being insanely amazing to look at, Chase is fun to watch on the field, too. The Phillies, over the last couple seasons, have become one of my favorite teams to follow. (Cole has already made the list, Jimmy with the honorable mention–but an overall great team to watch play. Hello? World Effing Champions!) Chase is another guy that is so intense on the field, but still looks like he’s having a blast every time he goes out there.

Utley has spent his entire career so far with the Phillies at, mostly, second base, although he’s stepped in at first from time to time. He’s a career .298 hitter and last season belted 33 HRs and had 41 doubles and 13 stolen bases. Chase has a couple Division Series under his belt, as well as the obvious NLCS and the illustrious World Series. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I am very much looking forward to this season’s Brewers-Phillies match-ups, particularly the final Miller Park homestand. I try to make it to the final homegame every season and the fact that it’s against the Phillies this year is just a perk. Although, I hope it turns out much better than the last time the Phillies were in town. I didn’t especially like them celebrating their entry to the World Series at my ballpark! 

But before I get all upset over that, here’s the picture of the Runner-Up Baseball Hottie, Chase Utley!


I don’t care that it’s staged dirt. So hot.



Could this be any cuter? I love him. And the puppy.

And the Hotties are…

I know, I know. It’s been 2 days. What have all of you been doing without my countdown pictures to look at??

Anyways, I took those 2 days off of posting to:

1.Celebrate Green Day in my green Brewers shirt (as soon as Mol posts pics, I’ll include some)

2. Sleep off celebrating Green Day and

3. Sort out the Top 10 Baseball Hotties list. (Among other very important things.)

Today I’m going to start with the Honorable Mentions. These guys are all good looking in their own right and have some pretty good abilities on the field, but they haven’t quite broken into the Top 10 yet. Keep in mind, about 6 guys on the actual list stay on the list and the rest have a tendency to fluctuate throughout the season. Because as I’ve said before, it’s not just about looks. Performance counts. Sometimes.

The Honorable Mentions, in no particular order are:

Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Philles, SS

Jimmy seems like the kind of guy everyone wants on their team. He’s fun, energetic, loves what he does.  And I love that he’s so little! He makes me want to carry a pocket-sized version of him around everywhere so I can watch him dance or re-enact a crazy play whenever I need a laugh. Seriously, so freaking cute! And he’s clearly got someone to thank for almost making it to the Top 10!




Brad Ausmus Los Angeles Dodgers, C

I don’t know what is it about Brad Ausmus that I find so attractive, but I really wish when he played he didn’t have to wear that damn mask! He’s almost 40 and I don’t even care. I heard from a co-worker, who’s friends with Brad, that while he was with the Astros last season, because he was their 2nd backup catcher, he would just go hang out in the clubhouse instead of watch the game. Kind of rude, but kind of bad-*** and that’s kind of hot. 



Dave Bush Milwaukee Brewers, RHP

Okay, okay. I know he’s been making his push this ST by having some pretty good outings, but he still hasn’t cracked the Top 10. I do looooove his high socks. He wears them almost as well as Manny Parra. I also love his beard. And when he does interviews, which is pretty seldom, he seems like he’s got a pretty good sense of humor. I may give him a lot of crap throughout the season because sometimes he can be pretty inconsistent, but I’m getting a feeling that 2009 could be his year. Remember his start against the Phillies in the Post Season last year? Hello?? It was the only win the Brewers had in October!

(I know I’ve used this pic in the countdown already, but apparently, other people don’t have as much of a crush on DB as I do. Weird.)


Ryan Church New York Mets, RF

When I tell people “There’s a guy on the Mets that I think is sooo cute, but I can never remember his name,” the first guy they guess is always David Wright. Ugh. Then 5 minutes later I go “Ryan Church!” and no one believes that I think he’s cute. He’s totally adorable. I mean, pretty average player, but so what? He literally throws himself into every game he plays. Can’t you tell?


ryan_church.jpg Awe!



Casey Blake Los Angeles Dodgers, 3B

Yes, another beard. I don’t know what it is about the facial hair that gets me, but it just does. I try really hard to pay attention to guys on teams other than the Brewers, but sometimes there are ones that stand out more than others. Casey Blake is one of them for some reason. Again, pretty average player, he’s a little older. But maybe I just have a tendency to only follow the cute ones. And that’s okay. I mean, I am a girl.



There are a couple other guys that could make the honorable mentions list, but I figured 5 is a nice round number and that there are probably very few of you out there who actually care what players I find attractive. And let’s face it, picking these guys had very little to do with their athletic ability. Who was I trying to kid when I said it mattered? Ha!

The rest of the list will be counted down starting with number 10 all the way down to…well, I’ll give you one guess who’s going to be number one on that list!


And until the list is done, I’m foregoing the pics in the countdown until Opening Day at Miller Park. (But there are 22 days left! Yay!)

Where’s Trevor?

Well, I didn’t much feel like posting anything yesterday due to the terrible Brewers loss to the Royals. Looks like I didn’t pick a very good day today, either.

Yesterday’s loss started with a poor showing by Milwaukee’s next supposed ace, Yovani Gallardo. This kid didn’t even last a full inning, allowing 4 singles and issuing 3 walks. Seven runs scored that first inning, although only 5 were earned by Gallardo. An all-too-common Rickie Weeks error contributed to the 7 runs. And although those would be the only runs Kansas City would get the rest of the game, it was more than enough. The only Brewers run came, once again, via the longball. This time Brad Nelson had the honor. But it was too little, too late. Even though Nelson went 2 for 4, the run came in the 9th with no outs and the Brewers were unable to spark anything after.

Today’s game was a bit more promising. Top 10 Hottie Manny Parra pitched 4 (yes, 4!) scoreless innings against the hometeam San Francisco Giants. The Brewers needed 4 relievers today, and only Mitch Stetter came up with a clean inning. Milwaukee led 2-0 for 3 innings before the Giants tied the game in the 5th and from there, it was anyone’s game. Eduardo Morlan came in for a save opportunity in the 9th with a 6-5 lead. He faced 3 batters and allowed 3 hits, the final being the walk-off HR by Ryan Rohlinger. Thank you, Eduardo Morlan. Ummmm, where the H was Trevor Hoffman??

But last’s night’s game of USA v. Venezuela was pretty awesome, no? Wellllll, until that ginormous 8-run 6th. Then I kind of just wanted to go to bed. But I did stay up to see a few more runs score. I missed Ryan Braun’s HR, although I read it could’ve been contested. But at that point, what’s one more run? I also thoroughly enjoyed Jimmy Rollins dancing in the dugout. I knew there was reason to love that guy other than his adorable size!

And so, without further ado, here is today’s picture(s) in the countdown to Opening Day at Miller Park. I missed yesterday, so again, a couple related pics for days 33 and 32 (Oh man, it’s getting so close!). My favorite place in the city has numerous photo op spots that are probably meant more for the enjoyment of little ones, but my friends and I just can’t help ourselves sometimes!

Mol and I with the most horrible likenesses of Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun in the teeny dugout. I mean really. Same size? Ha.


Nik, me and Mol in the giant glove. (Note the flipflops.)