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Over .500 — Let’s hope this lasts

The Brewers just completed a 3-game sweep of the Rockies, after a strange 4-game roadie on the West Coast that left them with a win apiece against San Diego and LA.

Friday, I was up drinking at a bonfire anyway so I mostly caught game one. I say “mostly” because I can’t get AM radio at my house so we had the TV audio coming through the outdoor speakers. Um, Bill Schroeder? I’d kinda like to know what’s happening with the game. I understand you’re not broadcasting for audio-only purposes, but still. I little more info, please. So anyway, I ran to the window just in time to see Yuniesky Betancourt’s blast tie up the game for the second time. (Casey McGehee did it first.) Needless to say, when the game was in the 14th and Colorado was in the lead, yet again, I made it a point to settle in for the bottom of the frame. Soooooooo glad I did!

I love Prince Fielder! I love that he just watched that ball sail. I love that he had a classy celebration at home plate. I (sort of) love that Felipe Paulino was almost immediately DFA’d after giving up that homerun.

So Saturday’s game…..

What is the flipping deal with FOX? Sorry, but the Cubs-Red Sox is not my market. I do not want to watch the effing scrubs. I want to watch the Brewers and your stupid deal will make my Saturdays miserable for the next 6 seasons of baseball. Major League Baseball, why did you have to make this deal? Why did you have to make me so angry? As I said before, I can’t for the life of me get a radio to get AM at my house. I don’t enjoy using GameDay on my phone. I want to watch the Brewers play. I don’t want to watch whoever it is you think is closest to my team’s market that day. This deal sucks and I want to physically hurt someone because of it.

Grr. Sorry. So Milwaukee won 3-2. Jonathan Lucroy hit his 4th homer. John Axford got the save. I saw none of it.

Though, I saw none of it today, either.

I didn’t even check the score til the 6th inning because I was at a baby shower. But I did wear a yellow and white dress and had on a Brewers necklace, so I was still supporting my boys.

The Brewers closed it out with another win today, 3-1. They’re finally over .500 but just can’t seem to close the gap with Cinci and St. Louis.

Somehow, I did not have tickets for a single game this weekend and I don’t have tickets at all this week, either. I may try to make up for it with some light player stalking post-game Friday night, but the week is still young. I may make it to a game yet. I should probably try to go Saturday since I know I won’t be able to actually watch it otherwise…

But the Nationals are in town first and in order to avoid any further embarassment at the hands of Jim Riggleman and Co, the Brewers need to keep this hot streak alive. I mean, we all remember that sweep back in April. It was not pretty. Yovani Gallardo, Narv Dog and Zack Greinke are slated to face off against, well, Tom Gorzelanny so far. I’d like to think those 3 can handle the Nats, so I’m just gonna run with that.

Go Brewers!

I blame myself

It’s my fault. I was too excited to contain the information that I knew.

I was at work checking the score here and there on my phone. I knew the Brewers were up on the Phillies 5-0 thanks to another Ryan Braun HR and a Prince Fielder 3-run double. It wasn’t until the top of the 7th that I even noticed the hits column for Philadelphia.

It stood at zero.

Braun was up with one out and one on and I was being good. I put the phone away. I walked through nearly the entire store without seeing anyone that would care about the game. Then someone asked if I had worn my bridesmaid shoes during last night’s win.

And that’s when I blurted it out. Dave Bush was on the verge of a no-hitter. I immediately wanted to take it back. Of all the superstitions in the game, that’s one of the biggest. You don’t mention the no-hitter until it happens. And I blew it.

By the time I got back to my office, it was the bottom of the 8th. A Bill Hall solo homerun added a bit of insurance. Bush was still on the mound and there were still no Phillies hits to speak of. I put the phone away again, hoping it would stay that way. But I know myself all too well. I couldn’t leave it alone and had to look. Matt Stairs. Ohhhh, Matt Stairs.

It was so close, Dave Bush! I’ll allow you to keep the beard long if this is what you’re going to do from now on. In fact, your Spring Training push to break into the Top 10 Baseball Hotties has carried over to the season pretty well. Your fellow starters Manny Parra and Cole Hamels should really be watching their backs. Just don’t give up any grandslams and by the end of 2009, your spot will be solidified.

As for the rest of the team, way to back up your pitcher. Today’s Brewers were the Brewers that we fans have come to expect. Excellent offense and defense. It’s what you need to do when you know your pitcher is flirting with the first no-hitter for the Crew in 22 years and they most certainly did it. It was also the first series win of 2009 and the first series win in Philly for the Brewers in 3 years. Way to go, boys. Sorry I missed it.

Tomorrow the Brewers face the Astros. Yovani Gallardo (1-1, 4.58 ERA) goes up against Felipe Paulino (0-0, 0.00 ERA), whose 1 start in ’09 was a dandy. I don’t know much about Paulino, but 6 innings with 6 strikeouts and no ERs is pretty good. Well, compared to Brewers standards, anyway.

The Crew needs to ride this momentum from the last 2 games all the way back to the homestand. Mainly because I have 3 games lined up next week, but also because it’s about time they start to heat up and they could certainly use the wins.