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Glad I missed it, I guess

So I spent 13 hours working today. Well, I spent around 8 hours working, the rest was in the car driving to and from downtown Chicago, thus I didn’t see any of today’s game.

Manny Parra was brought back up to the Big League’s to start today’s final game against the Cardinals. And for once, he had nothing to do with the loss. He went 7 scoreless. Nice. Yet again, lack of run support (and a weakened bullpen) was the culprit.

I have no idea what the box score was, I have not a single inkling of who did what, or more importantly, who did nothing, so I can’t be too judgey. But seriously. 5-1? I know I said I was sick of the 1-run losses, but I didn’t necessarily mean scoring only 1 run. I meant losing by 1. But I guess this is kind of the same thing.

So, since I have no details to report on and I’m way too tired to look anything up (I left my house at 4:30 this morning. Why am I even still awake?), I guess this is just a short, sweet little post. Well, not sweet. Just short.

Nik and I are going to the game tomorrow night and hopefully the Brewers will start winning again. As luck would have it, they’ve won the last 3 games I’ve attended, all come from behind. I’m not looking for a come from behind win tomorrow, but any win whatsoever would be nice. Thanks in advance, Boys.

Tomorrow night: Braden Looper (7-4, 4.78 ERA) vs. Chad Billingsly (9-4, 3.14 ERA)

Go Brewers!