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Sugar, we’re going down swinging

Such was the story of Christopher Narveson and the Brewers vs. Bud Norris and the Astros: 24 total strikeouts.

Christopher, who took the loss despite 6 strong innings and 7 strikeouts, has failed to earn his nickname back. He was pretty much dialed in until a towering 3-run homer off the bat of Carlos Lee gave the Astros a bit of insurance on their way to an eventual 5-0 win and series victory.

Brewers relievers Sergio Mitre (who gave up Houston’s 5th and final run) and Zack Braddock tacked on another 5 Ks, bringing the Crew’s strikeout total to 12 for the day.

Bud Norris, however, managed to strand 11 Brewers at the plate all on his own, even though he was the only one of the Astros 4 pitchers to give up any hits. (Mark Melancon notched Houston’s 12th K.)

On a somewhat positive note for Milwaukee, Ryan Braun walked in the first inning which mean’s he’s reached base safely in all 27 of the Brewers games this season. That was pretty much the only bright spot, even though Christopher seemed to have gotten his command back.

The Brewers also committed 5 errors in this 3-game series (if I remember correctly, they were all throwing errors?), so I’m pretty much over hearing Bill Schroeder talking about how great they are defensively. Um, not so much. And while we’re talking about their flaws, how about that Carlos Gomez running the bases? He’s so smooth. I wish I could be just like him. Grr…

Carlos Lee, despite his own bright spot of the homerun, was carted off the field and taken to the hospital during the top of the 7th after he and Angel Sanchez collided going after a Mark Kotsay pop up. Ouchie.

So the Brewers head to Atlanta for 4 games starting tomorrow and Zach Greinke is slated to pitch Wednesday against Tim Hudson. (Yay!) The Braves and Brewers are both in 3rd place in their respective divisions, but Atlanta is coming off a walk-off win against St. Louis to open this series. While the baseball world is waiting with bated breath to see Greinke’s National League debut, Milwaukee will have to take on Jair Jurrjens and Tommy Hanson before that day even comes. Hopefully Yovani Gallardo has shaken off his streaky April and Marco Estrada will shine once again before his likely departure to Nashville.


In other baseball news:

If you’re playing in Cleveland as a visitor, plan on going home with your tail between your legs.

Don’t even bother trying to pitch to Andre Ethier because he will hit you.

Don’t make obscene gestures and homophobic slurs to fans of the opposing team. You’ll probably get suspended.

While you’re not doing things, don’t tweet about your ejection from the clubhouse. You’ll probably get suspended.

Lots of people are having surgery or breaking things. Casey Blake: out. Ryan Zimmerman: out. Panda: out. David Freese: out.

@TonyPlush will be back Tuesday. Lord knows the Brewers need him.



Go Brewers!




Fantasy baseball, the lazy way

I decided that this would be a good year for me to venture into the world of fantasy baseball. That quickly subsided when I saw just how much effort it takes to not only draft what will hopefully become a successful team, but manage it throughout a 24 week season. Luckily for people like me, there is what I like to refer to as a “lazy option.”

I thought it would be best if my first time was as simple as possible, so I opted to let the system do most of the work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I spent an inordinate amount of time pre-ranking just about every player in the Majors to give myself the best chance at having a semi-good team, but that’s about as far as my involvement went. I guess in the end, my chances of winning the $10,000 are pretty slim, but considering I started this whole thing basically on a whim, I don’t really care.

Well, today was my auto-draft and when I checked my email earlier and saw my roster, I figured there were people in my league that cared even less. I mean, how else do you explain Prince Fielder and Matt Holliday winding up on the Brewgirl’s Bombers (corny, I know) when I was in the 8th slot? I was also pretty happy to see that I got both the Brewers and Twins pitching staffs, not to mention a slew of Hotties, past and present, in Garrett Jones, Casey Blake and ,yes, even JJ Hardy.

Quite honestly, I think I might be able to hold my own in this thing if I just let it play out. I have my team set to send out the top ranked players for each game automatically, though if I see things are starting to look rough, I might actually have to step in. Although, I’m not even really sure how to go about things like trades and waivers. I may just have to let the thing play itself. 

So anyway, I’d like to introduce you all to the Bombers and I’m open to any criticism or advice you may have. Already I’m a little concerned not having a backup catcher so that might have to be something to address.


1. Prince Fielder – 1B, MIL

2. Matt Holliday – OF, STL

3. Ryan Zimmerman – 3B, WSH

4. Jason Bartlett – SS, TB

5. Carlos Lee – OF, HOU

6. Miguel Tejada – SS, BAL

7. Michael Cuddyer – 1B, MIN

8. Kurt Suzuki – C, OAK

9. Alberto Callaspo – 2B, KC

10. Milwaukee Brewers – P, MIL

11. Casey Blake – 3B, LAD

12. JJ Hardy – SS, MIN

13. Garrett Jones – OF, PIT

14. Minnesota Twins – P, MIN

15. Carlos Delgado – 1B, –

16. JD Drew – OF, BOS







And the Hotties are…

I know, I know. It’s been 2 days. What have all of you been doing without my countdown pictures to look at??

Anyways, I took those 2 days off of posting to:

1.Celebrate Green Day in my green Brewers shirt (as soon as Mol posts pics, I’ll include some)

2. Sleep off celebrating Green Day and

3. Sort out the Top 10 Baseball Hotties list. (Among other very important things.)

Today I’m going to start with the Honorable Mentions. These guys are all good looking in their own right and have some pretty good abilities on the field, but they haven’t quite broken into the Top 10 yet. Keep in mind, about 6 guys on the actual list stay on the list and the rest have a tendency to fluctuate throughout the season. Because as I’ve said before, it’s not just about looks. Performance counts. Sometimes.

The Honorable Mentions, in no particular order are:

Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Philles, SS

Jimmy seems like the kind of guy everyone wants on their team. He’s fun, energetic, loves what he does.  And I love that he’s so little! He makes me want to carry a pocket-sized version of him around everywhere so I can watch him dance or re-enact a crazy play whenever I need a laugh. Seriously, so freaking cute! And he’s clearly got someone to thank for almost making it to the Top 10!




Brad Ausmus Los Angeles Dodgers, C

I don’t know what is it about Brad Ausmus that I find so attractive, but I really wish when he played he didn’t have to wear that damn mask! He’s almost 40 and I don’t even care. I heard from a co-worker, who’s friends with Brad, that while he was with the Astros last season, because he was their 2nd backup catcher, he would just go hang out in the clubhouse instead of watch the game. Kind of rude, but kind of bad-*** and that’s kind of hot. 



Dave Bush Milwaukee Brewers, RHP

Okay, okay. I know he’s been making his push this ST by having some pretty good outings, but he still hasn’t cracked the Top 10. I do looooove his high socks. He wears them almost as well as Manny Parra. I also love his beard. And when he does interviews, which is pretty seldom, he seems like he’s got a pretty good sense of humor. I may give him a lot of crap throughout the season because sometimes he can be pretty inconsistent, but I’m getting a feeling that 2009 could be his year. Remember his start against the Phillies in the Post Season last year? Hello?? It was the only win the Brewers had in October!

(I know I’ve used this pic in the countdown already, but apparently, other people don’t have as much of a crush on DB as I do. Weird.)


Ryan Church New York Mets, RF

When I tell people “There’s a guy on the Mets that I think is sooo cute, but I can never remember his name,” the first guy they guess is always David Wright. Ugh. Then 5 minutes later I go “Ryan Church!” and no one believes that I think he’s cute. He’s totally adorable. I mean, pretty average player, but so what? He literally throws himself into every game he plays. Can’t you tell?


ryan_church.jpg Awe!



Casey Blake Los Angeles Dodgers, 3B

Yes, another beard. I don’t know what it is about the facial hair that gets me, but it just does. I try really hard to pay attention to guys on teams other than the Brewers, but sometimes there are ones that stand out more than others. Casey Blake is one of them for some reason. Again, pretty average player, he’s a little older. But maybe I just have a tendency to only follow the cute ones. And that’s okay. I mean, I am a girl.



There are a couple other guys that could make the honorable mentions list, but I figured 5 is a nice round number and that there are probably very few of you out there who actually care what players I find attractive. And let’s face it, picking these guys had very little to do with their athletic ability. Who was I trying to kid when I said it mattered? Ha!

The rest of the list will be counted down starting with number 10 all the way down to…well, I’ll give you one guess who’s going to be number one on that list!


And until the list is done, I’m foregoing the pics in the countdown until Opening Day at Miller Park. (But there are 22 days left! Yay!)