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It got so close there for awhile…

Well, Brewer fans, as I quietly suspected, yet didn’t want to fully admit, the Giants won their Home Opener against our beloved Crew.

Thankfully, the game was delayed, so I ended up only having to listen to one inning on my ride home from work. Not so thankfully, I had to hear Jeff Suppan give up a bases-loaded triple to Giants 1B Travis Ishikawa. I turned off the car when Suppan was at bat with 2 outs. Mike Cameron had just stolen second and as I was walking up to the house, I said outloud to myself, “Just get one to the outfield, Jeff. Oh, wait. You don’t know how to do that.” I walked in the house and my mom yelled, “Suppan just hit a double!” I thought everything was going to be fine after that.

But, Suppan was, at best, Suppan. He was pegged for the loss with 6 hits and 6 ERs in only 4 innings. He walked one, but only struck out one and allowed an Aaron Rowand 2 run homer.

Now, as I said a couple posts ago, Giants starter Tim Lincecum has his highest ERA versus any opponent with the Brewers. Today made no attempt to try to turn that around. While striking out 5 and allowing no Brewers HRs (which was easy to do since there were none at all!), Lincecum allowed 3 runs and was pulled after 3. Relief pitcher Joe Martinez may have allowed 2 of his own runs, but the Giants soon took the reins again and he gained his first win of the season.

There were 2 high points for the Crew today, though. In my opinion, the first was Mike Cameron proving he can be patient at the plate. Cam walked 4 times and was 1 for 1 in hits, making it on base for all 5 plate appearances, resulting in 2 runs scored. Is this the start of a newer, fewer strikeouts Mike Cameron? I sure hope so. The second high point was that Milwaukee scored all 6 runs playing small ball. They had 4 stolen bases which, coupled with Benji Molina being slightly off, resulted in runs. Yes, I was disappointed to have seen all the longballs come via Giants bats, but, I wasn’t totally disappointed to see the Brewers score 6 without a single HR of their own.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Gallardo vs. Johnson. We shall see.

But Friday is the Brewers Home Opener against the Cubs!! And, since when I’m done writing this, I will be tearing apart the Brewers section of my closet deciding what to wear, today’s pictures are of some of my creations. Enjoy!


Girly halter made from giant boys shirt.


I hope you all know this one already. Weeks of work and bleeding fingertips. Man, embroidery is tough…


That one’s for my niece. Ruffle-y and girly because “Brewer shirts are for boys.”


There’s a 19 on the back. You know, for Robin.