About carpie19

Other than baseball (obviously), I’m total
girly-girl. I love fashion, I love boys, I love pop music, I
love romantic comedies. How the baseball became first and
foremost, I’m not quite sure, but I’m glad it did. There are
2 things that I can relate to everyday life: 1. episodes of
Friends and 2. baseball. If I could only have one constant in
my life, I would be very torn between my mom and baseball.
(But I’d probably pick my mom.) I still wear my brother’s
satin Brewers jacket from 1985. He was 4 at the time. I’m
27.I don’t care. I make my own super-cute Brewers clothes
because I’m cool like that. I would probably get into a
bigger debate with someone over where their team loyalties
lie than what their political or religious beliefs are. I
revolve my vacation/personal days around the Brewers
schedule. I once met an extremely nice, attractive Cubs fan
and refused a date. I wish getting a job in baseball would be
as easy as George Costanza made it out to be. One of my
favorite Miller Park experiences was attending an Nsync
concert in 2001, tickets courtesy of Bud Selig himself. Thank
you, Commissioner. Great graduation