All they do is win win win

Kids, it’s been awhile. I know. I’m sorry.

But quite frankly, this little blog of mine has taken a backseat to my beloved Brewers winning ways.

And that’s just fine by me.

Since I last posted (way back when, 2 weeks ago when the Brewers swept the Pirates at home), My Boys have separated themselves from the rest of the NL Central by winning 11 of 14, including sweeps of the Mets and Cubs, a series win over the Dodgers and a split with the Pirates. Milwaukee now stands tall at 10 1/2 games over St. Louis, a team that, for all intents and purposes, should be winning ballgames.

But no matter. The Cardinals are losing, the Brewers are winning and I am one happy, happy lady!

The Crew now has tied a franchise record for most wins in a month with 21, after their 7th consecutive win over Chicago. The last time Milwaukee won 21 in a month was June of  ’78. So, you know, they were due.

During this 21-5 stretch, the Brewers have swept 4 series, and lost none, the only near loss coming early last week in Pittsburgh when the Brewers went 2-2, including a split of a double-header. They’ve outscored opponents 134-79 and have had 2 shutout wins.


This Brewers team is beating the teams it statistically should be beating and has finally gotten that comfy, LoveSac division lead I’ve been waiting for.

The only logical teams that could start to surge ahead are the Cardinals (E# 18) and the Reds (E# 16). I don’t see the Pirates getting a second wind, as they’ve already seemed to have had one and blown it. And quite honestly, I don’t even see STL and CIN really surging forward. Maybe a light nudge forward, at best?

Milwaukee does play 6 more games against St. Louis, but given the fact that they’re already ahead in the season series, starting pitching has been outstanding and the offense has been steady to say the least, I don’t see those 6 games standing in the way. Especially if the Brewers maintain a 6+ game lead. Which they already have. Duh.

Philadelphia is the toughest opponent that the Brewers will have to face in this final month of the season, and they’ll be doing at the end of a 13-game, no-break stretch. I’m not too worried about it though, basically because I’m living by the mantra “when they’re hot, they’re hot”  and right now, they’re flipping en fuego. And nothing’s gonna bring me down from this baseball high I’m on. Nothing.

And what the team has done to help them along in this stretch seems to make sense, though none of the moves have had any impact since they’ve happened.

Chris “Narv Dog” Narveson made one start upon returning from the DL and won, but he’s now going to be working out of the bullpen as the lefty specialist. Struggling infielder Felipe Lopez was DFAd and finally accepted his assignment to AAA to clear room for Narv’s roster spot. Narveson has yet to appear in a game out of the ‘pen.

Since the Brewers were then a position player short, Taylor Green was “freed” and called up from Nashville Friday night, which the Twitter world just loved. Green also has yet to make an appearance, as a starter, infield replacement or pinch hitter. If his minor league numbers are any indication, Green will make a useful addition, though he’s just one more left handed hitter off the bench, something the Brewers are absolutely overloaded with.

I think, obviously, that Milwaukee is in tremendous shape to win the NL Central this year. All signs are pointing to ‘Yes’ at this point and it will really take a lot to derail this team. They have the best home record in all of baseball and play 15 of their final 27 games at Miller Park, an advantage that cannot be overlooked. Since the All Star Break, the Crew is 32-11, with the starting rotation winning 24. This second-half resurgence of an already good team has put Milwaukee on the fast track to the Post Season, with a team that’s already had a small sampling of what playoff baseball is like.

I am so digging Milwaukee baseball this year!

It’s almost a shame that I’ll be living in Minnesoooooooota when the Post Season gets underway. Almost. I’ve got a pretty good thing going on out there that I’m willing to give up regular Brewers outings, Leff’s tailgate parties, pulled pork parfaits and Friday’s strawberry Long Islands. And, yes, he knows how lucky he is.

Which reminds me, I’ll be up there next weekend and all of my loyal readers should tune in to the Energy Sports Zone on Sunday from 9-11am on because I’ll be on talking about how awesome the Brewers are! There’s other sports talk, too, but really, if you only listen to me, I won’t be mad at you. (Corey and Ben might be, though.) So listen! Sunday! 9-11!!



Go Brewers!!!


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