Plugging My View

Since we fans have been given the green light to shamelessly promote our blogs for a featured spot on the MLBlogs homepage, I of course am jumping at the chance.

 A Girl’s View is mostly about the Brewers, true, but do I like to put my girly mark on other MLB happenings every now and then, too.

I like to think I’ve cornered the baseball hotties market, while still managing to make it seem like I actually know what I’m talking about. (PS, I actually do.) I try to post as often as I can, and while A Girl’s View has had some hiatuses and shake-ups over the last 3 seasons, I think it’s a fun, snarky, sometimes sarcastic, but (almost) always informative approach to writing about the best sport in the world.*

So whether people come to my blog for the recaps, the ranting, the humor, the random pictures of homemade shirts and Brewers-themed desserts or the unintentional controversy (see: Ugh, Ballhawks), it certainly wouldn’t hurt my ego in the least to be featured on MLBlogs and get even more readers!

This is me and my ladies in STL for the final series in 2009. The Brewers swept and we were heavily featured on the local game broadcast back in Milwaukee. It was awesome. (PS, the Girl with the View is the blond.)

So, dearest MLBlogs, nothing would please me more than to be the face of the Brewers blogging community on MLB. I thank you in advance.


*scientifically proven fact


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