St. Louis: Everything I hoped it would be and more

ZOMG what an amazing weekend!!! (Zomg was our phrase of the weekend. The ‘Z’ apparently means nothing, thus we found it to be hilarious and used it every chance we got.)

First off, the ladies and I (Mol, Nik and Jacks) left from East Troy around 7am. We stopped off at the coffee shop in the square to get ourselves perked up and headed south. Theeeeeen a little bit to the east. The navigator told me to stay on the freeway for like 90 miles. She failed to tell me the freeway split in the midst of tons of contruction, thus we ended up about 2 hours out of our way. Ooops. We re-routed and got back on track.

Our first stop was this place.

If you’ve never heard of Triple-D on the Food Network, you’re missing out. (We love Guy Fieri, remember?) This place looked amazing and since it was en route to St. Louie, we stopped off in the glorified trailor park that is Springfield, IL. Charlie Parker’s Diner is about the only thing this city had going for it. We came for this.

The Shoe. Okay, the smaller version of the Shoe, the Pony. Toast topped with a burger and fries and smothered in homemade cheese sauce. It was yummy.

After lunch, I had to stop at the local CVS to pick up some makeup, as I had left mine back in Milwaukee. It sucked. And the teenage kid working there yelled at me when my card didn’t read. Yelled. Not kidding. Get me the eff out of Springfield now!

We got back on the freeway and headed towards the border. After sitting in one lane of construction traffic for about 45 minutes, we were finally on the homestretch and there was Archie!!


And then as we got closer, Busch Stadium just kind of sneaks up on you.


So we checked in to our really pretty hotel with our really pretty view…


…and clearly, got ready for the game. (There were lots more Braun shots like this. Just wait!!)


We took some good luck Sausage shots…



…then headed towards Busch.


Okay, let me just say, I loved this stadium. I love that it’s in the middle of downtown St. Louis. And it’s just so pretty. And there was amazing food (Hello? Cheesesteaks!!) and great drinks and even better bartenders. I just loved it.

So anyway, we were sitting in the bleachers just left of centerfield and I got a phonecall from my dad telling me that were basically the center of attention on the FSN broadcast back in Milwaukee. Awesome!!! It wasn’t until we walked back to our seats that our drunk butts even noticed the cameraman DIRECTLY BEHIND US!

Of course, we wanted to make our presence even more known, so we were being loud and obnoxious and cheering and making an outright spectacle of ourselves. But there were 7 of us, what do you expect? (Nik’s little brother and a couple of his friends came too.) Apparently, in St. Louis, the fans have very calm demeanors and don’t do those sorts of things. Who knew? Needless to say, we were getting a lot of dirty looks, people were yelling at us, blah blah blah. WE WERE ON TV!!!

Check it out!

And obviously, our favorite cameraman had some of his buddies find us from the front, too.


My dad took the pics for us and immediately posted them to facebook to make people jealous. He’s so nice.


I mean, that dude loved us. We were on again in the 7th!

Well, the Brewers went on to surprisingly win that first game 12-6. I’m gonna go ahead and say it was because of amazing bullpen work on their behalf but also because of the fact that Yadier Molina couldn’t keep the ball in front of him and there were 5 wild pitches that I’m pretty sure all eventually led to runs. Haha!

We spent a LOT of time out at the bars celebrating that night. So much that we laid low at Saturday’s game. Except not really. Because we all needed drinks to treat our hangovers and we were surrounded by a lot more Brewers fans, thus needing to make our presence known throughout Busch Stadium. As if being decked out in Packers gear wasn’t enough…

And Nik made sure to find out favorite cameraman to tell him we were one section over for Saturday’s game. Just in case he was wondering.


And it paid off! We were the opening shot for the game!



And then they found us again when they announced the Tavern of the Game. I love FSN!!!



And then proceeded to zoom in on Nik and I.


You have to trust that when it’s all in motion, our faces don’t look so weird…


So, the 2 games we went to were awesome. We survived being 7 of only very few Brewers/Packers fans in attendance and we all had a really good time.

After game 2, we crashed hard back at the hotel and then all got ready to go to dinner. It was suggested that I Tweet Seth McClung asking what Ryan Braun was up to. Because, why wouldn’t Seth McClung know? Sooooo I did. And he Tweeted me back!

Not exactly the info we were hoping for, but still, pretty cool. I kinda wanted to respond telling him that we chatted the night before when he was hanging out in the bullpen, but he has no clue who I am so why bother? (I also asked Chris Smith how his lip was. Don’t worry, folks. It’s fine. Thumbs up and everything.)

Sunday came and it was time to go see Archie and then hit the road. I won’t bore you with too many pics, but we did get some really good ones, so I’ll leave you with those. I hope you enjoyed vicariously experiencing my mini-vacay!!!



(Cinco had to check out BP. He’s such a fan.)



And before I forget, hooray for Trevor Hoffman coming back in 2010!!! I look forward to 600 in a brewers uni!



  1. diamondgirl55

    Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment you left the other day (or a month ago) haha…I’ve been moving from MI to WA and have not been on mlblog since I found your page! Omg I LOVE this entry! Pictures are always fun but these were especially awesome!!!! Gosh the camera crew just LOVED all you girls didn’t they?? Hehe, that’s really cool though, thanks for sharing those pictures!!! Looks like you girls had a great time, yay! xoxo

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