Ned Yost needs to tell me everything will be ‘fine’

I was working all day, so I missed this one. But I turned on the TV when I got home and the Brewers Live postgame was on.

I tuned in just in time to hear Craig Coshun talking about the Citgo homerun tally going up by 3 today. B effin D. It’s the runs total that needs some help.

Now, you all know I’m a big proponent of homeruns. I need the action and excitement of offense, otherwise I have a tendency to get bored. Also, my fingernails take a hit during those back and forth pitcher’s duels. What really gets me is that the Brewers have dropped 5 of the last 6, being outscored 38-22, after sweeping the Indians with crazy-high numbers.

You also know that the pitching staff is taking a beating lately. Manny Parra was sent to Triple-A after a few horrid starts, Dave Bush is currently on the DL with “arm fatigue” (better known as “giving up too many homeruns”) and relievers Mike Burns and Seth McClung have been inserted into the rotation. But it can only get better. Right?

So what does this tell you? It’s less than 3 weeks until the All-Star break and the Brewers are slipping, that’s what. And they’ve still got series against Chicago, St. Louis and Los Angeles before that break even arrives.

It’s not to say they can’t pick themselves back up. I keep telling myself they’ve got it pretty easy in the second half. Except for those 3 series against the Cardinals. And one more in LA. And a couple against the Cubs, which is really just more of the stigma of a rivalry than it is really a concern of mine, since the Cubs are having major issues of their own right now.

While Milwaukee slipped to second in the NL Central, they’ve also fallen behind in the Wildcard for the first time in I don’t know how long. Well, the WC wasn’t really a worry since they were in first in the NLC for so long. But the rest of the season after the All-Star break, aside from the series I’ve already mentioned, is against teams with worse records than the Brewers.

Soooooo, I’ll just have to repeat the Yost-like mantra: “They’ll be fine.”

Afterall, the Crew plays Washington 8 times in the second half. That’s pretty much 8 guaranteed wins, as far as I’m concerned.

They’ll be fine.


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