I’m in an utter state of bewilderment

I’m gonna keep this brief. If I go into details, I may just be liable to go off the deep end.

Brewers pitching (Mike Burns notwithstanding) =

Monday night: we’re all aware of the outcome. Jorge Julio is no longer a member of the team because of it. Brewers lose to Marlins. The End.

Tuesday night: 10 runs on 11 hits in 3 innings for Manny Parra. Ken Macha makes a solo visit to the mound, Parra proceeds to give up more hits and runs, including a Cody Ross grandslam. Ouch. Brewers tack on 2 more runs. Too little, too late. The End.

Wednesday night: Brewers score 9 early, chase the starting pitcher mid-batter, take advantage of patience and errors. Braden Looper subsequently falls apart and the lead eventually falls to within 3 runs, prompting what should not have been an outing by Trevor Hoffman. Hoffman remains perfect in saves opportunities. Brewers narrowly win. The End.

And yet, somehow, after all that, Milwaukee still holds a game lead over St. Louis for first in the NL Central. Mind-boggling.

Tonight the Brewers are sending Dave Bush to the mound to face one of another inordinately tall Florida pitcher. I don’t care which one. They’re all monstrous, and none are particularly outstanding. I’m hoping they can salvage a split, but if the game ends up going downhill again, at least there’s always the Stanley Cup Finals.

Go Brewers!

(Ge Penguins!)



  1. jenniferkluck@yahoo.com

    Great blog! Finally, a Brewers Blog on the female perspective. I thought I was the only one who was into fashion and into sports. We are almost cut from the same cloth (except the Rodgers/ Favre thing, but we won’t go there!) I laughed out loud when I read that you turned down a date from a Cubs fan. Look forward to reading your blog all summer long. Go Brewers!

    • carpie19

      Awe, thanks so much! I love finding out there are other girls out there like me! And to be clear on the Rodgers/Favre thing: I’m mostly just sick of the comparisons that are made during the games. Every announcer has something to say about the two of them. It’s like the Favre/Romo thing from Romo’s first season. Enough already. I don’t want to hear it anymore. I am a Packers fan and I like football, I just reeeeeeally LOVE baseball! But again, thanks for checking out the blog. I’m always happy when people stumble upon it and are kind enough to comment!

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