And the Hotties are…

I know, I know. It’s been 2 days. What have all of you been doing without my countdown pictures to look at??

Anyways, I took those 2 days off of posting to:

1.Celebrate Green Day in my green Brewers shirt (as soon as Mol posts pics, I’ll include some)

2. Sleep off celebrating Green Day and

3. Sort out the Top 10 Baseball Hotties list. (Among other very important things.)

Today I’m going to start with the Honorable Mentions. These guys are all good looking in their own right and have some pretty good abilities on the field, but they haven’t quite broken into the Top 10 yet. Keep in mind, about 6 guys on the actual list stay on the list and the rest have a tendency to fluctuate throughout the season. Because as I’ve said before, it’s not just about looks. Performance counts. Sometimes.

The Honorable Mentions, in no particular order are:

Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Philles, SS

Jimmy seems like the kind of guy everyone wants on their team. He’s fun, energetic, loves what he does.  And I love that he’s so little! He makes me want to carry a pocket-sized version of him around everywhere so I can watch him dance or re-enact a crazy play whenever I need a laugh. Seriously, so freaking cute! And he’s clearly got someone to thank for almost making it to the Top 10!




Brad Ausmus Los Angeles Dodgers, C

I don’t know what is it about Brad Ausmus that I find so attractive, but I really wish when he played he didn’t have to wear that damn mask! He’s almost 40 and I don’t even care. I heard from a co-worker, who’s friends with Brad, that while he was with the Astros last season, because he was their 2nd backup catcher, he would just go hang out in the clubhouse instead of watch the game. Kind of rude, but kind of bad-*** and that’s kind of hot. 



Dave Bush Milwaukee Brewers, RHP

Okay, okay. I know he’s been making his push this ST by having some pretty good outings, but he still hasn’t cracked the Top 10. I do looooove his high socks. He wears them almost as well as Manny Parra. I also love his beard. And when he does interviews, which is pretty seldom, he seems like he’s got a pretty good sense of humor. I may give him a lot of crap throughout the season because sometimes he can be pretty inconsistent, but I’m getting a feeling that 2009 could be his year. Remember his start against the Phillies in the Post Season last year? Hello?? It was the only win the Brewers had in October!

(I know I’ve used this pic in the countdown already, but apparently, other people don’t have as much of a crush on DB as I do. Weird.)


Ryan Church New York Mets, RF

When I tell people “There’s a guy on the Mets that I think is sooo cute, but I can never remember his name,” the first guy they guess is always David Wright. Ugh. Then 5 minutes later I go “Ryan Church!” and no one believes that I think he’s cute. He’s totally adorable. I mean, pretty average player, but so what? He literally throws himself into every game he plays. Can’t you tell?


ryan_church.jpg Awe!



Casey Blake Los Angeles Dodgers, 3B

Yes, another beard. I don’t know what it is about the facial hair that gets me, but it just does. I try really hard to pay attention to guys on teams other than the Brewers, but sometimes there are ones that stand out more than others. Casey Blake is one of them for some reason. Again, pretty average player, he’s a little older. But maybe I just have a tendency to only follow the cute ones. And that’s okay. I mean, I am a girl.



There are a couple other guys that could make the honorable mentions list, but I figured 5 is a nice round number and that there are probably very few of you out there who actually care what players I find attractive. And let’s face it, picking these guys had very little to do with their athletic ability. Who was I trying to kid when I said it mattered? Ha!

The rest of the list will be counted down starting with number 10 all the way down to…well, I’ll give you one guess who’s going to be number one on that list!


And until the list is done, I’m foregoing the pics in the countdown until Opening Day at Miller Park. (But there are 22 days left! Yay!)


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