It’s getting so close!

I’ve been going over the Brewers schedule for this season, circling all the games I’ll be attending and I’m just getting so antsy!

There are only 25 days (25 days!) until the Brewers host the Cubs for the first time in ’09 and I’m finding it hard to believe that I’ve already got as many games lined up as I do.

Here’s what my schedule looks like for the season so far:

April 10 v. Cubs

April 11 v. Cubs

April 12 v. Cubs

April 15 v. Reds

April 27 v. Pirates

May 2 v. Diamondbacks

May 3 v. Diamondbacks (Ryan Braun bobblehead day!)

Ryan Braun Bobble Head Awe, it’s his grandslam!

May 8 v. Cubs

May 10 v. Cubs

June 12 v. White Sox

June 27 v. Giants

July 12 v. Dodgers

July 25 v. Braves

August 16 v. Astros

September 6 v. Giants

September 23 v. Cubs

September 26 v. Phillies

September 27 v. Phillies

So, as you can see, I’ll be a busy girl. I’m sure there will be many more games that will pop up throughout the season as they usually do (especially with a buttload of Old Time BPA vouchers), and I’m definitely ready for more baseball than I already have slated. I’m going to try to make it to another stadium again this season, too. Although with my Vegas trip and Dave Matthews and Summerfest, I don’t know exactly when I’ll be able to slip that little trip in or to where it would even be. I do know that while in Vegas, the girls and I will be catching the Brewers v. Reds game on May 29th at ESPN zone, because we just can’t not do that.

The Opening Day Drunk Lot Tailgate is starting to take shape, and I’m preparing myself to serve 2000+ people at the Leff’s party the next day (the girls and I made the website photos from last year!). I don’t know if I’ll even be alive to make it to the 3rd day of Opening Weekend! Haha. Right. We all know I live for this!

And I’m finishing up the Top 10 Hotties roster, so head’s up for that, but until then, the countdown continues as usual. Today’s pics are of my niece, Piper. The whole family is grooming her to be a good little Brewers fan. Her favorite player may not be “Obin Ount” like her dad’s was, but who can blame her? She’s growing up in the era of Ryan Braun!

Piper with Papa C’s hat, her Hot Dog Racing Sausage and foam finger. Awesome.

Riding the bar shuttle with her Auntie and her favorite foam finger. (Don’t worry. She waited outside the bar. But she was super excited about riding on the bus!)


PS, the Crew topped the Cubs today 9-6 and Corey Hart is continuing to step up his game, going 3-4, including a 3-run homer. Chicago needed twice as many pitchers as Milwaukee, after Jeff Samardzija allowed 5 runs in the 1st inning.


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