When last I checked…

…the Brewers were losing to the White Sox. I have yet to see the final score of today’s game. What I did see was that my favorite high socks-wearing pitcher Dave Bush went scoreless for 4 innings and is being quite persistent in his push to break into the Top 10 Hotties. (What can I say? I love the beard!) I also saw that Jorge Julio allowed 3 runs, and the Brewers had yet to get a homerun on the board, while the Sox had 2. I believe that was the 8th inning.

I’m going to check the final score now…


That’s it, folks. My reaction.

Mat Gamel started the game off with the Brewers first RBI (charged to former Crew member Scott Linebrink) and, quite fittingly, the only other run was batted in by a fellow named Brewer. Brent Brewer, to be precise. Good old Rickie Weeks had some solid baserunning. Oh, wait no he didn’t.

Okay, I’m over the loss. Onto bigger and better things. Like the countdown to Opening Day at Miller Park! There are 30 days until the Home Opener. 30 days, 1 month, until I will basically live at Miller Park for 3 days straight and sleep off all the excitement the following Monday. 30 days until the official Flip Cup bracket, assorted meats cooked on a grill, my crazy-awesome retro logo cupcakes, the world famous Leff’s Tailgate Party (technically not Opening Day, but I’m still way excited for it!), the first Sausage Race of the season, ladder golf, cornhole and washers. 30 days until non-stop Brewers v. Cubs debauchery with 45,000 of my closest friends and most importantly, 30 days until I get to see my boys in action after a long, cold winter!

Today’s picture is bringing you back to Opening Day 2005. It was the first Leff’s Tailgate party for us girls. We were finally of legal drinking age, and who better to serve us than my lovely mother? The next year, we took on the task of being the servers and haven’t looked back since.

Love Monkeys Website by molly.anna.

Me, Mom, Nik and Mol. We’ve graduated from being the crazy drunks to serving the crazy drunks!

One comment

  1. nwest33

    So far not a bad spring for McGehee…he’s definitely growing on me. I never counted him out because he was a Cub at one time, just won’t a jump a bandwagon of an ex-Cub’s so soon.

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