Where’s Trevor?

Well, I didn’t much feel like posting anything yesterday due to the terrible Brewers loss to the Royals. Looks like I didn’t pick a very good day today, either.

Yesterday’s loss started with a poor showing by Milwaukee’s next supposed ace, Yovani Gallardo. This kid didn’t even last a full inning, allowing 4 singles and issuing 3 walks. Seven runs scored that first inning, although only 5 were earned by Gallardo. An all-too-common Rickie Weeks error contributed to the 7 runs. And although those would be the only runs Kansas City would get the rest of the game, it was more than enough. The only Brewers run came, once again, via the longball. This time Brad Nelson had the honor. But it was too little, too late. Even though Nelson went 2 for 4, the run came in the 9th with no outs and the Brewers were unable to spark anything after.

Today’s game was a bit more promising. Top 10 Hottie Manny Parra pitched 4 (yes, 4!) scoreless innings against the hometeam San Francisco Giants. The Brewers needed 4 relievers today, and only Mitch Stetter came up with a clean inning. Milwaukee led 2-0 for 3 innings before the Giants tied the game in the 5th and from there, it was anyone’s game. Eduardo Morlan came in for a save opportunity in the 9th with a 6-5 lead. He faced 3 batters and allowed 3 hits, the final being the walk-off HR by Ryan Rohlinger. Thank you, Eduardo Morlan. Ummmm, where the H was Trevor Hoffman??

But last’s night’s game of USA v. Venezuela was pretty awesome, no? Wellllll, until that ginormous 8-run 6th. Then I kind of just wanted to go to bed. But I did stay up to see a few more runs score. I missed Ryan Braun’s HR, although I read it could’ve been contested. But at that point, what’s one more run? I also thoroughly enjoyed Jimmy Rollins dancing in the dugout. I knew there was reason to love that guy other than his adorable size!

And so, without further ado, here is today’s picture(s) in the countdown to Opening Day at Miller Park. I missed yesterday, so again, a couple related pics for days 33 and 32 (Oh man, it’s getting so close!). My favorite place in the city has numerous photo op spots that are probably meant more for the enjoyment of little ones, but my friends and I just can’t help ourselves sometimes!

Mol and I with the most horrible likenesses of Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun in the teeny dugout. I mean really. Same size? Ha.


Nik, me and Mol in the giant glove. (Note the flipflops.)


One comment

  1. kingofcali

    I know it’s spring training so I don’t like to count wins, but I will rub it in anyways….we beat you guys today. lol jk I’m a big Giants fan. These games do not matter but I like to see what guys do. We do have you guys to start the season. I like the pics!

    ~King of Cali

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