Brett Favre is a Brewers fan

So I don’t feel like talking about another Brewers loss today. To be quite honest, I paid very little attention to the stats of the game, except I did catch that Corey Hart hit another homerun and went 3 for 3. (Looks like he saw yesterday’s post.) But good ol’ Suppan was his usual late-season self waaaay too early this year, giving up 3 runs in the first inning.

Anyways, there are 39 days until the Home Opener at Miller Park and today’s pictures (There are 2. I’ll be in Chicago all day tomorrow and won’t have time to post.) will prove that Brett Favre is indeed a Brewers fan.

You see, Brett Favre, or BF to those that know him, likes to wear Brewers tshirts and has even been known to spend the night with Braunie the Brewer dog. Alright, fine. BF just happens to be a dog himself, but so what? It’s still cute!


That’s Nik’s puppy. I’m trying to teach him there’s more to life than football!




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