Yay baseball!!!

Ah, the first game of Spring Training! The window to the regular season has been opened and as of right now, I’m liking the view.

The Brewers hosted the Oakland A’s at Maryvale Baseball Park for the first match-up of ST and, after 10 innings, ended with a 3-3 tie.

Oakland scored first with a Bobby Crosby HR off of Jeff Suppan in the 2nd inning but Corey Hart, my current least favorite Brewer, answered with a solo shot in the 4th. (Do you think it’s possible he knows I’m not a fan and is trying to get on my good side?) But then Travis Buck had his own HR, a 2-run shot off Jorge Julio, in the 5th to put Oakland back in the lead.

The Brewers were far from out of it though. Altogether, 20 position players/pinch hitters gathered 12 hits, with the big 2-run rally coming in the 8th, tying the game at 3, where the score would sit for the next 2 innings.

Here’s what I like about Spring Training: you still get to see (or hear, or in my case, read about) baseball, yet just about everyone gets a chance to play. It’s kind of like t-ball or neighborhood baseball leagues when I was little. You know, how it’s important for everyone to play so that they get a chance to practice and learn the basics and have fun. But at the same time, what these guys do for the next 40 days or so is pretty determinate of what they’ll be doing the 180 days to follow. Now, if only Corey Hart can keep it up…

And I noticed the Cubs beat the Dodgers today. God, that must have just felt like such sweet redemption after losing 3 in a row to LA in the postseason last year. Haha!

But now, on to today’s countdown pic. Even though there is nothing representative of the Brewers, trust that this was indeed taken at Miller Park. The temperatures here in Wisconsin reached nearly 50 today, so it got me thinking about flip flops and how much I miss wearing them. Nik, Mol and I pretty much inadvertently wore the same navy flip flops to every Brewers game we went to together so, naturally, it became tradition. (Much like the Ryan Braun cut-out pic, the cupcakes and the pinas.) And, every game, we took a picture of our feet. Here’s just one of those pics, with 44 days to go.


Clockwise from left: me, Nik and Mol



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