And the postseason continues (for some!)

Well, Cubs fans, looks like 100 years just wasn’t enough time. I know that Fukudome was supposed to be some insane secret weapon and Rich Harden was this awesome mid-season acquisition, but neither of them really seemed to help out tonight. The Dodgers went Cub hunting all 3 games and came home with some very nice pelts. Congrats to Joe Torre. Who needs the Yankees to make it to the postseason, right? Hank Steinbrenner can suck it!

On to the bigger story of the evening: The Milwaukee Brewers have won their first postseaton game since 1982! Dave Bush was stellar, and he chose a great time to step up, allowing only 1 run on 5 hits. And the relievers did just as well. Mitch Stetter, Carlos Villanueva, Eric Gagne and Salomon Torres held the Phillies at 1 over the course of 3 2/3 innings. The Brewers offense has finally learned that being patient at the plate has advantages and small ball is the way to go when you need to consistently win games. Not a single player was swinging for the fences tonight, trying to be a hero. Everyone was patient and just about everyone produced.

In the bottom of the 9th, the Phillies had started to put something together against Torres and I admit, I yelled at the TVs in Champps that he needed to come out. As luck would have it, some dirty baserunning by Shane Victorino allowed the 2nd Phillies run to be taken off the scoreboard and be put back at 3rd base, where it stayed for the final out.

I haven’t lived my 25 years as a Brewers fan just to see them go down like the Cubs. And tonight, I remembered why I became such a huge fan. This team was the underdog last year and they came within 2 games of a postseason berth. This season, I think a lot of people doubted the Brewers’ ability to come back after giving up their division lead early on. I always had faith in them. It was shaken, sure, but it was always there. Even if this is the only win the Brewers see in October, I’m happy. (But the World Series would be sooo much better!)

So congratulations, Brewers! I will take this win as a sign that you’re ready for more. October is far from over.


Game 4 (yeah, it’s necessary!)

Phillies @ Brewers

Sunday, Oct.5th



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