26 years in the making!!!!!

I have literally waited a lifetime for this: The Milwaukee Brewers have made it to the Post Season!!!!!

CC Sabathia led the Brewers to their most important win in 26 years. And it was another complete game. This guy is more of a team player than anyone who’s actually been on this team for more than 3 months.

And, again, Ryan Braun wins games. That guy is just amazing. I know he’s had a rough couple months, but a 2-run homerun to take the lead is all the Brewers needed. Well, that coupled with the Mets’ loss. I never thought I’d say it, but I heart Wes Helms! (And Dan Uggla.)

This is going to be brief, as I’m kind of drunk and reeeeeally hungry, but seriously, I’m ecstatic! And I must say, I’ve met some of the nicest Cubs fans today. Maybe it’s because this game really meant nothing to them, but still. Very Nice.

I am still in shock. The Brewers deserve this. I’ve been saying all season that it was going to happen. So this is for all you nay-sayers thinking the Brewers couldn’t pull it off. I could care less that the Cubs took the Central. MY Brewers made it to the post-season!

So I may be changing my tune a bit. Ryan Braun may win games. And so does CC Sabathia. But the Brewers, as a whole, make it to the post-season!!!!

So now it’s BOOOOOOO Phillies!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOO BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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