One more game to clinch it!!!

Ok, quick post tonight. The Brewers are currently 1 game ahead of the Mets. Thank god. Make it 2 and clinch that post-season!!!!!!

Somehow, Jeff Suppan managed to pitch a pretty nice game tonight. I’m not sure if it was Sabathia in disguise or what but whatever. It worked out. Eight hits, but only one ER out of it. Ryan Dempster obviously did not have his best stuff, so kudos to him.

Seth McClung, however, did have his best stuff. Again. Four innings worth of his best stuff. Some sort of error happened during his first at-bat. Still not sure what it was, but either way, he got on. Then a balk. Then he made it to third. Then finally scored on Rickie’s homerun. Which, btw, was totally unexpected. I was very much waiting for him to fly, ground or strike out. Honestly, every time I saw Seth up to bat I wanted to hug Dale Sveum for realizing he needs to save as much of his relief as possible and keep whoever works out on the mound. And like I said before, Seth McClung is an obvious reliever. Thank god someone else of relative importance on the Brewers crew realizes it, too.

What I love most about tonight’s win is that Lou Piniella sent out his best crew tonight and they still lost, Some of the most slumping Brewers came up in big situations (Corey, Rickie, SUPPAN!), and Sveum made some great decisions. Also, the Cubs used 5 relievers, while the Brewers got by with the magic of only 1.

So, since the Mets had a sorry outing against the Marlins and the Brewers had their best game against the Cubs yet this season, the Brewers are sitting on the throne of first place in the NL WildCard. Not to mention the 2 Miller Lites I had tonight that won me both a Packers t-shirt and 20% off at, this was an amazing game. I wish I could’ve been at Miller Park for this one, too, but for now Ryan Braun’s grand slam will have to do.

I honestly hope the Brewers can clinch the WildCard tomorrow afternoon so that when I’m at the game Sunday, I can see Vinny Rottino actually do more than catch the first pitch. Maybe see Joe Dillon get a start at first and Tony Gwynn, Jr. in the outfield. I mean, I’d love for Sunday’s game to mean something, too, but I’d rather not worry about it. So Let’s Go Brewers! tomorrow. And BOOOOOOO METS! 




  1. Jane Heller

    Great blog. Love the girl power! We “she-fans,” as I call us, are growing as a fan base, so you should definitely pursue your dream of melding fashion and baseball. In the meantime, good luck to your Brewers down the stretch. My Yankees are out (boooo) but I hope you’ll check out my blog anyway.

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