Apparently superstitions aren’t enough to win ballgames

Sooooo I shed a few tears at today’s loss. I did all I could on my end to help the Brewers, but I guess it just wasn’t enough.

I wore my JJ Hardy jersey, in hopes of sparking his offense a bit. I set out my Chorizo shotglass on top of the TV. I made sure I talked to everyone that was present for the last 2 wins. When none of that helped, I changed into my Ryan Braun jersey, the one I wore last night. Then I filled the shotglass, because that’s what we did last night. Back to back hits followed those actions and a run soon scored. Oh, well, Ted Lilly. Your no-hitter was broken up yet again in the 7th by a man in a #8 jersey.

Then, just for some insurance, I put on my bridesmaid shoes. These shoes were proven to make the Brewers win games. They took sole posession of first in the NLC on July 26th because of those those. Sure, like any other superstition, they’ve failed me a couple times. But more often than not, they are winners. Today, they sparked 2 more runs to score. But then JJ (maybe because I took off his jersey?) couldn’t produce. And then neither could Corey Hart. Absolutely not surprised at that.

Personally, I wouldn’t have started Ben Sheets, either. I would’ve started Dave Bush knowing the bullpen was pretty rested from Seth McClung’s amazing 4 innings last night. But, Dale Sveum seems to know what he’s doing, as the Brewers entered today with a 5-game winning streak and a game over the Mets, for at least a couple innings. Stupid Marlins taking that away from us!

As I will be attending tomorrow’s final regular season game, and there is much to play for, the Brewers HAVE to pull off a win. At this point, I will settle for a tie-breaker. I’d rather not see one, but I’ll take it over a loss. I desperately want to see my Brewers in the post-season this year. These past 2 seasons have been too good to waste by throwing it away to the Cubs. Last night’s game was too good to waste. Those boys deserve a trip to the post-season, for sure. GO BREWERS!!!


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